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Orkney Brewery

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Lasses and laddies, get thee to BP, where on the cask you'll find them pulling pints of Orkney Dark Island. A rich, malty dark ale that was just outrageously good. Their tasting notes indicated a level of smokiness, although I didn't really taste it. And they said it was 6.5%, but I didn't taste it being that strong either. This is the kind of beer that loves beer engines and the kind of beer that beer engines love to serve. They're pouring half pints for $4. I have no idea why they're pouring them that way. Ask nicely for a double and they'll serve it the way you'll want it. I'm unsure when it was tapped, but if there's any left by Saturday, it'll probably be past its prime. But, damn, I'd give anything to see more low alcohol UK ales being poured and BP is spot on right now.

ETA: according to the distributor's website, it's 4.6%. AND it took a silver medal at CAMRA's Winter Ale Festival last month.

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