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Wilson Farms Meat Co., in Catlett VA

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A friend from the area introduced me to their superb slab bacon last year, but it's taken me until this weekend to head down Rt 28 to visit in person. Unfortunately, old Mr Hoenigmann passed away about a year ago at age 90, but his daughter Maya is carrying on the family business. As much as I love Hemp's up in Jefferson Maryland, this shop roughly ten minutes southwest of Manassas might be my new favorite old-school butcher. In addition to the full spread of beef/pork/lamb cuts described on the chalkboards, and the expected sausages and charcuterie (and casings and sausagemaking supplies), they also make a number of Polish and Hungarian sausages. Tonight we nibbled on slices of Krakow (a cold cut), and a Debrecener link (lightly smoked, should be cooked), both delicious. Whole bbq hogs can be ordered as well; prices vary with weight, but in the 80-120 lb range I believe it ran $2/lb. I didn't ask where their country hams come from, but will on our next visit.

9217 Elk Run Rd., Catlett. Cash only.

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