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Arrowine Monthly Charcuterie & Cheese Specials!

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If you're like most Americans, you probably grew up on single-wrapped slices of cheese, or perhaps cheese that was foil-wrapped and came in a brightly-colored box, or bricks of cheese that were either white or orange or sometimes both. All of those styles of cheese are what we think of when we hear the phrase "American cheese."

Fortunately for us, the definition of American cheese has expanded to include cheeses made by small to medium-size cheese makers around the country who pay close attention to milk quality and flavor, with an eye toward developing flavorful and beautiful-looking cheeses. The cheeses being made in the United States are unquestionably better than they've ever been. These specialty cheeses are certainly more plentiful than ever too.

The most eye-opening example of growth is with the annual cheese competition of the American Cheese Society. In 2005, cheese makers submitted 715 cheeses for judging. 2006, that number leaped to almost 1,000 cheeses.


Cured meats in the American diet have often been found pre-sliced in bright yellow packaging, but there are hopes that a growing number of artisanal meat producers will change this. Just as pinot noir, syrah and cabernet has replaced jug wine in the American vernacular, IPA, Stout, Amber, and Porter have replaced generic light lager beer, Prosciutto, pate, and salami or soppressata may one day replace baloney.

Stop by Arrowine this month to experience some of America’s finest cured meats and cheeses. Show your support for our hard working American farmers and artisans! Don’t forget about our Grab & Go Cheese and Meat trays with a selection of some of these great American products!

Cheese: Cabot Clothbound Cheddar, Humboldt Fog, Landaff, Point Reyes Blue, Nancys Hudson Valley Camembert

Cured Meats: Creminelli Fine Meats, La Quercia Prosciutto Americano, Nueske's Applewood Smoked Bacon, Alexian Pate and Mousse

Jeni's Gourmet Ice Cream

Landaff Creamery post-6824-127779485679_thumb.jpg

Nestled in the foothills of the White Mountains is Landaff Creamery, a small farmstead cheese company, that produces Landaff Cheese, an authentic New Hampshire cheese based on a traditional Welsh Caerphilly recipe.

Landaff cheese is made from the milk they produce at their dairy farm, Springvale Farms, located next door to the creamery. Doug and Debby Erb are a second-generation dairy farmers and have been producing high-quality milk since the 1950’s.

Made from Landaff's own high quality raw cow's milk, Landaff Cheese is a mild, semi-firm cheese with a delicious combination of flavors, tangy with a clean finish. The open and buttery texture comes with a natural, cave-aged rind. It melts beautifully for cooking, and makes a wonderful addition to any cheese plate. The natural cave-aged rind is safe to eat.

The aging process or affinage is the ripening period that allows the enzymes in cheese to break down the compounds that provide the flavor and characteristics of the cheese. To create the proper environment, you must have the correct temperature, humidity, and airflow. The early cheeses were aged in caves providing the right environment for ripening. Landaff cheese is aged in The Cellars at Jasper Hill Farm in Greensboro, VT. The Kehler families have developed their cellars based on a French model and will provide the affinage for Landaff Cheese. Great cheese can never become truly great cheese without the nurturing required to reach it’s full potential.

Cabot Clothbound Cheddar post-6824-127779451764_thumb.jpg

Made by Cabot Creamery and aged at the Cellars of Jasper Hill for 12 months, this clothbound English-style cheddar won a Gold Medal at the 2004 World Cheese Awards in London and was named "Best of Show" by the American Cheese Society in 2006.

A simple, approachable, balanced cheddar that impresses with layers of lingeringly nutty, slightly fruity and nearly buttery flavor, while finishing with the mellowness of caramel undertones. Using the pasteurized milk of Holstein cows from George Kempton's neighboring farm in Peacham, and using traditional British methods of wrapping and aging the cheese in bandages, Cabot produces these 35 pound clothbound wheels and delivers them to neighboring Cellars at Jasper Hill within 2 to 5 days for aging and maturation. Upon arrival, the Kehler brothers brush each wheel with melted lard to promote sturdy rind development and turn the cheese daily for three weeks. The resulting cheese offers a stunning array of flavors: the firm, slightly crunchy paste unfolds with layers of toasted nuts and toffee. Sharp and creamy, this cheddar doesn't so much melt in your mouth as it does coat every surface with caramelized luxury. Proof that quality milk and careful aging produce amazing cheese.

Humboldt Fog post-6824-127779454498_thumb.jpg

Mary Keehn got started on the goat cheese trail in the 1970s when she decided to raise Alpine goats as a source of healthful milk for her children. Not too long after, Mary started receiving awards for her herd and became recognized as an expert in the field. Blessed with an excess of milk from fifty goats, Mary started making cheese in 1983.

If you have ever been through Northern California that should be enough to convince you of how great this cheese is. This soft ripened Goats milk cheese made by Cypress Grove Creamery has grown to be one of the most popular cheeses produced in the United States. Each handcrafted wheel features a ribbon of edible vegetable ash along its center and a coating of ash under its exterior to give it a distinctive, cake-like appearance. An American Original! Tangy, fresh, sweet and slightly acidic best describes the flavor , thick and rich texture. A must try if you haven’t already.

For a simple yet elegant dessert or snack: serve with honeycomb, pears, and a crisp white wine. Place a slice atop a delicious salad of spinach, apple, mandarin oranges, walnuts, cranberries, and red bell pepper. Drizzle with raspberry-balsamic vinaigrette. Humboldt Fog pairs nicely with wild mushrooms and other earthy flavors.

Cheese Awards:

Metropolitan Home Magazine, 2003 Best Cheese & Dairy Product

2002 Gold, London International Cheese Competition,

2004 First Place, American Cheese Society, 1998 • 2002 • 2005

Point Reyes Farmstead Blue post-6824-127779450971_thumb.jpg

Made by cheese master Monte McIntyre, Point Reyes Farmstead Blue is made with Grade A raw milk from a closed herd of Holstein cows that graze on the green pastured hills overlooking Tomales Bay. The taste of the cheese, according to the cheese maker, is influenced by "the coastal fog and the salty Pacific breezes’’.

Point Reyes is graced with the talents of master cheese maker Monte McIntyre, who worked for Maytag Dairy Farms in Iowa for over fifteen years, and has brought with him the experience, consistency, and passion for making blue cheese. The Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company, which saw its inception only six years ago, was born from the seed that Bob Giacomini planted when he started the Point Reyes Dairy in 1959. It is now a dynamic, family-run operation, with his wife Dean and their four daughters still in the fold. Time also influences the recipe. Original Blue is made within hours of milking, and then it is allowed to age for a minimum of six months. The result is a creamy, full-flavored blue cheese.

  • Made on the farm from a closed herd of 250 Holstein cows
  • Handmade from hormone-free raw cows' milk
  • Made with enzymes classified as vegetarian by the FDA
  • Made with Gluten-Free Penicillium Roqueforti
  • Aged a minimum of 6 months
  • All natural - containing no preservatives, bleaches or whiteners
  • Original Blue is certified Kosher for Dairy

Old Chatham Shepherding Company's Nancy's Hudson Valley Camembert post-6824-127779450251_thumb.jpg

25th Annual Conference, American Cheese Society's Winner.

Nancy's Hudson Valley Camembert is a creamy, soft-ripened cheese made from the milk of the Old Chatham Shepherding Company's herd of East Fresian ewes, combined with a neighboring farm's hormone-free cow's milk. A multiple-award winner, Nancy's Camembert is meltingly smooth and buttery with a nice tanginess to highlight the lushness and the texture of a triple-crème. This cheese pairs especially well with many sparkling wines and Champagnes, as well as most Chardonnays, Rieslings and Sauvignon Blancs.

This rich, buttery soft-ripened cheese practically melts in your mouth. Spread a little on slices of warm baguette and serve with a salad or a soup, or just on its own. Or serve it after dinner, along with a few dried apricots or figs and a few toasted walnuts.


Old Chatham Sheepherding, begun in the 1980s by Tom and Nancy Clark, was the first major cheese making sheep farm in this country, and the Clarks now raise over 1200 East Friesian ewes, making Old Chatham Sheepherding the largest sheep dairy in the United States. While the Clarks make several excellent cheeses, and have just introduced a new blue cheese, their Hudson Valley Camembert has really made a splash in the cheese world, winning the grand prize in the 2001 U.S. Championship Cheese Contest, as well as a blue ribbon at the 2000 American Cheese Society's annual competition.

Sheep’s milk cheese has been made in other parts of the world for centuries, perhaps as long as 12,000 years, but it is relatively new in the United States. Old Chatham Sheepherding Company was in the forefront of producing some of the first sheep’s milk cheese and yogurt in the US.

La Quercia Prosciutto Americano

Prosciutto Americano was introduced in 2005 to critical acclaim and appreciation. Named by Bon Appetit Magazine as 2007 "Food Artisans of the Year", Herb and Kathy Eckhouse in many senses define contemporary culinary pioneering. Using the finest domestic pigs and a well developed recipe, Herb, Kathy, and the staff at Iowa's La Quercia produce this domestic prosciutto that holds it own next to the greats from Parma.

La Quercia means the Oak in Italian. The Oak is a traditional symbol of the province of Parma (where they lived) and, through its acorns, has been associated with the history of prosciutto for 500 years. It is also the state tree of Iowa. The name unites Iowa, Parma, and prosciutto, and is a symbol of patience, persistence, integrity and beauty.

Vogue Food Critic, author, and Iron Chef judge Jeffrey Steingarten wrote that it was "the best American or imported prosciutto I’ve ever tasted." Bon Appetit, The New York Times, Food & Wine, Cook’s Illustrated, Country Home, the Chicago Tribune, the Philadelphia Inquirer, Fine Cooking, and House & Garden added their praises, while award winning chefs like Mario Batali, Michael White, Nancy Oakes, Michel Richard, Charlie Trotter, Chris Bianco, Paul Kahan, Ana Sortun, Nancy Silverton, and Tony Mantuano added it to their menus. That is an very impressive résumé.

The only prosciutto available made exclusively with humanely raised, antibiotic free pork, Prosciutto Americano offers lower yield losses, improved slicing characteristics, and more uniform quality end to end. Traditionally salted, dried, and aged with only sun dried sea salt added, each piece is worked on 11 times by their trained artisans to maximize its potential. They use no nitrates, nitrites or substitutes. Its flavors are subtle, nuanced, and impressive--sweet, salty, slightly nutty, and deliciously meaty. Use it as you would the finest from Parma: on your antipasto plates, in your favorite sandwich, or by itself with some crusty bread. We highly recommend it!

Alexian Patés and Mousses

Alexian takes great pride and care in making patés and mousses of distinction. The result of Alexian’s lavish attention to preparation and fresh ingredients, are patés and mousses of refined taste and texture. We’re sure that you’ll be delighted to serve them to family and friends, and of course to enjoy them yourself.

Groezinger Provisions, Inc., the corporation and USDA facility that produces Alexian and other deli products, is a Woman Owned Business Enterprise, certified by the state of New Jersey. They just celebrated our 25th anniversary in 2007.

Alexian has always made a commitment to preparing patés and mousses in a completely natural manner. They sacrifice nothing but the unpleasantries of preservatives, additives and unnecessary fillers. All the game, meat and poultry ingredients they use in their patés are certified to be free of growth hormones and free of antibiotics. This includes the dairy ingredients as well. Alexian consistently deliver high quality products, while providing outstanding customer service. All Natural. No Artificial Flavors, No Artificial Colors, No Preservatives, No Fillers; Hormone and Antibiotic Free Ingredients.

Paté Campagne

Typically served by the slice on a garnished plate; or as "finger food" when sliced, cubed and speared with a toothpick. May also be sliced for a sandwich using French or Italian style bread. Pork and pork liver with sherry wine, herbs & spices. Pate Campagne is THE traditional pate of France. Starting with coarsely ground pork meat and pork liver, spiced with onions, garlic, parsley, bay leaves and thyme, the mixture is then slowly cooked the traditional way. The result: a savory culinary delight!

Truffle Mousse

Typically enjoyed as a spread on an unflavored cracker, bread or toast points. This luxurious mousse features the gem of French cuisine - black truffles. Also Pork Fat, Eggs, Turkey Liver, Chicken Liver, Onions, Sherry, Truffles, Spices, Salt, Garlic, Mushrooms. Rich, flavorful and smooth, this mousse has an unbelievable silky texture.

Nueske’s Applewood Smoked Bacon post-6824-127779456095_thumb.jpgpost-6824-127779455408_thumb.jpg

Here’s the smoked bacon so good it won national acclaim from The New York Times, Chicago Tribune and Cuisine Magazine. When the aroma of their Applewood Smoked Bacon floats through the morning air, you'll remember the sounds and aromas of your Mother's big Sunday breakfast.

You can actually see how lean Nueske’s smoked bacon is... and you'll be amazed at how little it shrinks when you fry it. Its taste is unforgettable because they smoke it over glowing Applewood embers to give it that rich, smokey classic flavor. Their award-winning smoked bacon comes vacuum sealed in packages for your convenience. So incredible that it has spoiled me. I cannot even think of eating any other bacon. Nothing compares to this applewood smoked jewel. The pigs are lining up to become the best bacon in the world.

Creminelli Fine Meats

Creminelli meats are handmade under the supervision of master artisan, Cristiano Creminelli. Cristiano insists on using choice cuts of meat from select breeds, fed with organic white grains and raised on small family farms. Organic spices are employed cautiously in the European tradition to complement and not overwhelm the flavorful, well-marbled natural pork.

The Creminelli family has been producing artisan meat products as far back as the oldest aunt can remember and as far back as the 1600s according to family legend. In more recent history, Grandpa Ugo Creminelli not only produced meat products, but he also served as the personal chef for General Badoglio, the Italian general who took over the government briefly after Mussolini was deposed.

In 2000, Cristiano was asked by the Istituto Alberghiero di Trivero, the top culinary school for aspiring Piedmont chefs, to instruct students in the art of salami making. By this time, Cristiano had widened the family business and in 2006 the Salumificio was the first meat producer in the province to receive the prestigious Artisanal Excellence award, bestowed by the Piedmont Region and the Slow Food organization, which was started in the Piedmont Region.

The pure goodness of natural raw materials from America and the unhurried care of Creminelli artisanry come together to make an unforgettable carnivorous experience.

For years, we've been searching for a salami made in the US made with top-notch ingredients, in the traditional way. We wanted something like what we've had in Italy - a salami with fresh pork from a sustainable source, simply spiced and made with natural ingedients. And at long last, we've found it in Creminelli from, of all places, Utah.

Barolo -There are a lot of famous wines from Italy, but none of them are as respected as the Piedmont's most famous red: Barolo. The richness of the Barolo lingers in this already robustly flavored artisan salami creating a truly complex, bursting flavor that is difficult to replicate and impossible to forget. Salame al Barolo, as it’s known in Italy, is a meat delicacy that comes from Piemonte, the same place that gave birth to Barolo wine, the Slow Food movement and our very own, Cristiano Creminelli.

Tartufo - The Black Summer Truffles (Tuber aestivum) spring up between June and October in northern Italy. They are found by specially-trained dogs who sniff out their hiding spots where they are then gathered by hand. The local mushroom enthusiasts each have a secret spot or two where they hope to find some of their own truffles from year to year. Creminelli has hidden a few of them away in our Salami Tartufo and you are sure to find them there each time you go looking. Their delicate aroma works magic with the all-natural pork to create the Salami Tartufo. The scent of black truffle is intoxicating in this incredible salami. We love to serve this with buttered bread and a glass of wine

Sopressata - Salami Sopressata, also called Sopressa Veneta, got its name from the practice of pressing the salami between planks of wood resulting in a straight, flattened shape. The northern Italian version from Vicenza, in the Veneto region, did away with the pressed shape and has become an international favorite. Sopressata is known for having a more robust taste thanks to the generous amount of garlic added. It is produced with the highest quality pork cuts, coarsely ground with salt added. Just before stuffing, additional spices are added including the garlic crushed by hand and dissolved overnight in a generous portion of wine.

Other Flavors: Salami Felino, Wild Boar Salami, Salami Casalingo

Jeni’s Ice Cream post-6824-127779459182_thumb.jpg

Jeni Britton Bauer became inspired to make artisan ice creams while working at a French patisserie. Drawing on the practices of a traditional pastry kitchen, Jeni created her own techniques to make American ice creams that are less sweet and more flavorful.

'Jeni’s of Columbus, Ohio, has surpassed the creativity of all other ice cream makers.' -- New York Times

'The flavors—Thai Chili, Olive Oil with Sea-Salt Pepitas, Riesling-Poached-Pear Sorbet—illustrate why Jeni Britton Bauer is a top ice cream artisan in the U.S.' --Bon Appetit

'High standards and a knack for perfecting classic flavors (and creating clever new combinations) are what set her pints apart from the rest.' -- Tasting Table

'Jeni Britton creates some of the best ice creams, sorbets and frozen yogurts in America.' -- Food & Wine

'A must for any serious lover of ice cream.' -- The Atlantic

Jeni won a Tastemaker Award from Food & Wine in 2005, Their Cherry Lambic Sorbet won a Gallo Family Vineyards Gold Medal Award in 2008, and Jeni’s has been on The Food Network a handful of times, etc.

Jeni's is family-owned and operated. Jeni Britton Bauer and her husband Charly Bauer co-founded the company in 2002; Charly's brother Tom Bauer became a partner one year later. Together with their small team, they make every batch of ice cream that is served in their four (soon to be five) stores in Columbus or shipped to doorsteps nationwide.


Jeni’s ice cream begins at Snowville Creamery, which shares land with a small, family-owned dairy farm in Meigs County, Ohio. There, a small herd of Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Friesian and Jersey cows graze freely on rye grass, alfalfa, fescue and clover grasses. Eating a variety of grasses and walking from the barn to pastures makes for healthy cows who produce healthy, delicious milk.

After milking, the skim and 2% milk is separated out to be bottled and sold in groceries. What's left is glorious whole cream, high in butterfat and flavor. Jeni buy’s nearly all of their whole cream, all that Snowville Creamery can produce. In this way, their companies are able to grow together as partners.

Snowville gently pasteurizes their cream to retain the rich flavor and creaminess that everyone loves. From the cow to their kitchen within 48 hours, you cannot find fresher cream.

Snowville Creamery is the finest dairy in the industry; as Warren says, it is "Milk the way it used to be." By supporting Snowville Creamery with our (growing!) business, we are doing our part to ensure fine, local milk will become widely available to all.

During the growing season, our kitchen reflects the flavors of the Ohio countryside. In summer, each day brings fresh strawberries bursting from flats, hundreds of Japanese cucumbers piled in crates, and bushels of heirloom melons bought at the Saturday market.

When a local farmer brings bags of fresh mint, the team washes and chops it before steeping it in cream. Apricots are peeled and sliced before they are pureed for a mid-summer yogurt. And of course, all of Jeni’s ice creams are made with Ohio dairy from pasture raised cows. No antibiotics, growth hormones, herbicides or pesticides necessary ... cows eat grass, which their bodies were built to eat.

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While in SF last month I happened by the Ferry Terminal Building to visit Chris Cosentino's Boccalone Salumeria. The next day, I happened by again...and again the following day. The "cone" of meat changes daily, but the mortadella with pistachio was outstanding. It was a revelation to someone who's only source of cold cuts is the deli counter at the Giant. I will look forward to a visit to Arrowine this month...

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post-6824-076065800 1281585695_thumb.jpg

This Month @Arrowine in Arlington, VA we have on sale for you a wonderful selection of English, Scottish, and Irish Cheese all selected by Neals Yard Dairy in London. Also, Virginia raised, Grass Fed, Dry Aged Beef from Martin's Beef in the Plains, VA, Smoked Salmon and Trout and selection of Caviar from Browne Trading Company in Maine, Delicious Pate and Goose Mousse from Alexian. Please stop by some time during the month of August to save some dough on some really good stuff. -Perry Soulos

Neal's Yard Dairy is London’s most prestigious artisanal cheese retailer and (formerly) cheese maker, described as "London's foremost cheese store." The store is an international icon and is considered as a forerunner of the British whole food movement and an important part of the revival of London's Covent Garden district.

Founded in 1979 by Nick Saunders and Randolph Hodgson as a cheese maker's shop, the store grew from a cheese maker’s store into a retailer of artisanal, mostly British and Irish cheeses (including farmhouse Cheddar and varieties such as Stinking Bishop), spinning off the cheese making operation as Neal's Yard Creamery in Herefordshire. The company now sells about 500 tons of cheese a year through its store in Shorts Gardens (near Seven Dials), its shop in South London's Borough Market, and through its exports worldwide, especially the United States.

Neal’s Yard Dairy’s main aim is to keep in close contact with cheese makers on one hand and customers on the other and above all to be in very close contact with all the cheese passing through their hands. They visit some cheese makers very often; They select their cheddars by visiting the West Country every eight weeks and tasting through young cheese to select the batches that will be matured on for them. Apart from trying to find the best cheese available this is also when the cheese maker can get a sense of how their cheeses are being received by customers.

Many of the cheeses they buy are either matured on the farm or in their own maturing rooms in Bermondsey which are in brick railway arches under the main line from London Bridge to Dover. The insulation provided by the venerable Victorian brick work helps them maintain good conditions for the cheese: humid and cool. A team of five take care of the cheese, turning the cheeses and sometimes brushing or washing them until they ripen.

Neal’s Yard Dairy buy’s cheese from about seventy cheese makers on farms around Britain and Ireland and they sell the cheese in their two shops in London and to shops and restaurants all over the world. Lucky for all our wonderful Arrowine customers we offer a large selection of their delicious cheeses. This month stop by Arrowine and sample the absolute finest quality cheese of the British Isles, all selected by Neal’s Yard Dairy.

  • Ardrahan
  • Isle of Mull Cheddar
  • Berkswell
  • Ticklemore
  • Colston Bassett Stilton
  • Coolea
  • Abbleby’s Cheshire
  • Hafod

post-6824-085851100 1281585717_thumb.jpgArdrahan

The Burns family have been Dairy farmers for generations. Eugene Burns Senior established a herd of pedigree Friesians in 1925. Then, in 1983 Eugene Senior’s son, also Eugene, and his wife Mary turned their hands to cheese making. Ardrahan Farmhouse Cheese was founded in 1983 by Eugene and Mary Burns at their family farm in Kanturk, Co. Cork. The farm is based in the lush countryside of Duhallow in north west county Cork. Washed rind cheeses are particularly well suited to County Cork as the climate is ideal: mild and damp, with the Atlantic spray, rising off the coast, seasoning the air with a salty tang. During maturation, the cheeses are washed with salt water. This encourages a coat of Brevibacterium linens, the sticky orange growth that ripens the cheese from the rind in and turns it from chalky to smooth and oozing.

Ardrahan is Irish food at its best in terms of tractability and wholesomeness. It is a vegetarian cheese made with whole milk and vegetarian rennet. Ardrahan cheese has a unique flavor. It has an earthy, farmhouse taste and aroma, and also a zesty tang that enhances the rich buttery and meaty flavor. It has a smooth texture. This cheese is usually made in a wheel shape, and has an edible, full-bodied rind and a deep yellow-honey interior. Ardrahan's interior is firm and slightly chalky. It usually matures in four to eight weeks. Ardrahan has won many awards, including multiple medals from the British Cheese Awards.

post-6824-026129700 1281585740_thumb.jpgIsle Of Mull Cheddar

Along the fragmented coastline of West Scotland lies the Isle of Mull, a bleak and beautiful landmass of mountains, lakes and small sheltered woodlands, no longer than thirty miles in length and twenty across. Tobermory is its only town, with a third of the island’s population of 3,000. Life on an island requires the Reade family to be resourceful and to use local resources as much as possible. Even feeding the cows provides challenges. Summers are short and the cows are kept inside for a lot of the year. In order to avoid supplementing the cows diet with expensive feeds from suppliers on the mainland, the Mull cows are fed the spent grain husks from the whisky distillery at Tobermory which is called draff. The Reades collect draff from Tobermory. It is mixed in with sileage and fed to the cows. It smells and tastes winey and fermented, which contributes to the yeasty, feisty, wild and fruity sharp flavors in the cheese. The pale color, is also due to the cows diet being low in grass. Sileage, draff and hay contain less carotene than fresh grass and carotene is one of the things that colors other cheddars golden.


Berkswell is made at the Fletchers’ beautiful 16th century red brick and sandstone farmhouse, which has been in the family for six generations. The cheese is named after the village of Berkswell the nearest town to the farm and although it’s only about 5 minutes from Coventry, the farm is firmly in the country.

The Fletchers began milking sheep in 1989 and have a flock of Friesland and Friesland Poll Dorset cross ewes. They began by selling liquid milk, but a local farm shop convinced them to try making cheese. The cheese is made in small vats. The starter is added to warmed milk and left to do its work. When the acidity has built up, rennet is added and the milk sets to the texture of a blancmange. The curd is then cut and heated to reduce the size of the particles and remove moisture. When it is at the right consistency, it is put into the modern version of traditional basket moulds: kitchen colanders, which gives the cheese its distinctive shape. After draining, a coat of a breathable plastic called plasticote is applied and acts a little like the cloth binding on a cheddar; allowing the moisture to be released and the flavors to concentrate as the cheese matures. Rich, sweet, fruity and nutty. Sometimes with a fruity acidity that reminds us of pineapples, sometimes creamy and biscuity, but the flavors are always, long, deep and mouth-filling. The texture can be slightly grainy and depending on age varies from quite firm to moist and relatively soft.


For a couple of years now, Ticklemore has been made by Debbie Mumford and Mark Sharman at Sharpham Creamery not far from The Ticklemore Dairy where Robin Congdon and his team used to make it. Robin decided he didn’t have the space to make his 3 blue cheeses and Ticklemore too. He asked if Ticklemore could be made at Sharpham. Debbie spent a day with Robin, reminding herself how to make the cheese, realized she could remember it pretty well and with Robin’s advice and help started making Ticklemore. For about a year they both made batches of the cheese and the following season Debbie made it all herself. They still buy their milk from the same farm Robin used to and the goats graze on the edges of Dartmoor browsing not only the pastures but the hedgerows which are deliberately kept long for that purpose. Goats by their nature like to browse and eat a wide variety of plants. Will, the goats milk supplier likes to let them do this as much as possible. Light, gentle, floral, herby and ice-creamy cool with a moist crumbling texture.

post-6824-069532100 1281585752_thumb.jpgColston Bassett Stilton

Colston Bassett is one of the smallest Stilton Dairies in the country. They buy milk from 5 farms surrounding the dairy. They have been buying from the same farms since the 1920s. Since 1920, there have only been 4 head cheese makers at Colston Bassett: Tom Coy, Ernie Wagstaff, Richard Rowlett and now Billy Kevan. Their Stilton is more traditional than any other. The curd is hand-ladled before draining. This treats the curd more gently and preserves its structure, which results in a luscious, creamy texture when the cheeses are mature. The cheeses they make for us are made with traditional animal rennet rather than vegetable rennet. Animal rennet is used by the most exacting cheese makers because it makes better cheese. With Colston Bassett Stilton, the texture is more full-bodied when made with animal rennet and the flavor is deeper, more complex and longer lasting than that of cheeses made with vegetable rennet. Neal’s Yard also ask Colston Bassett to pierce the cheeses later and less often than for their regular recipe Colston Bassett, which gives the cheese a chance to express flavors other than blue; they want the blue to balance rather than overwhelm the cheese.

For almost a century, Colston Bassett and District Dairy has been making the finest quality Blue Stilton, "King of Cheeses". A highly skilled, dedicated and experienced team use the same time honored recipe and methods used by generations to make this unique, award winning cheese, every day taking the milk from the same pastures and the same farms that founded the dairy as a co-operative in 1920‘s. Colston Bassett, a rural village in the heart of the English countryside, has become famous to lovers of fine cheese worldwide. Greenish-blue veining liberally spread through a crumbly, rich ivory paste. Just typing that makes me salivate. Thoughts of fun gatherings and celebrations of all kinds come to mind for this cheese. This could easily fill in for the desert of your next great meal, sliced pears or grapes is all you will need for pure enjoyment. England’s only name protected cheese easily earns a spot in any cheeses counter.

post-6824-033705700 1281585774_thumb.jpgCoolea

Coolea Cheese is hand made on the mountain farm of Dick and Helene Willems in Coolea Co. Cork. Ireland. Coolea has a smooth, caramel flavor, this cow milk cheese has an amazingly satisfying chewiness. Aged for at least twelve months, Coolea is a supremely unique cheese born from Dutch traditions and Irish terroir.Helene and Dick Willems moved to Ireland in the late 1970s from Amsterdam, Holland. In Amsterdam, they did various jobs, among which was running a restaurant. They moved to Ireland looking for a serene contrast to the bustle of restaurant work and bought a farm in a beautiful, but remote part of the country. Coolea is a small village nestled in among a deep, quiet mountain range where the Irish language is still widely spoken and where the Willems thought they’d have a complete change of pace.They started making cheese as a hobby, from the milk of their few cows, but the cheese just tasted too good. First neighbors started to want it, then shopkeepers including Neal’s Yard Dairy. Before long it was a small business. In 1991, Dicky joined his parents making cheese and a couple of years later, he had taken over as head cheese maker. Helene and Dick retired in 1999 and Dicky now makes the cheese on his own, buying in milk from a couple of local farmers.

Coolea cheese is a made to a recipe similar to Dutch Gouda. Dicky makes cheese using pasteurized milk, but in other respects it is a very traditional recipe: handmade and using traditional animal rennet.

Coolea has won several international awards, the most prestigious of which include supreme champion IFEX Belfast 1999, Supreme champion British cheese awards 2000. Best modern British cheese and best Irish cheese at the British cheese awards 2007. And most recently Best matured gouda in the World Cheese awards and supreme champion at the Listowel food fair 2008.

post-6824-030325900 1281585710_thumb.jpgAppleby’s Cheshire

The Appleby’s work closely as a family to produce, sell and support Appleby’s Cheshire. The traditional Cheshire Cheese recipe has been handed down through the Appleby family and now the third generation of Appleby’s, Paul, his wife Sarah and sister Clare, are fully involved in the business. They are supported in the dairy by Garry Gray, the Head Cheese maker and by the team on the farm. Appleby’s Cheshire is the last traditionally made, clothbound, un-pasteurized Cheshire. Their style of cheese making is less acidic than most Cheshire, using smaller quantities of starter and is more likely to represent the cheeses made on the farm a hundred years ago.

There is also an element of geographical luck too. The cows graze on the edge of the Cheshire plain beneath which are salt and mineral deposits. These come through in the grass and it is considered that they give the subtle, mineral flavors to the cheese. The flavor is clean and zesty on the tongue followed by a rich mouth watering finish, which you can enjoy in your mouth long after you have tasted the cheese, moist and crumbly, an a good level of acidity helps to create this tasty traditional Cheshire Cheese. Vegetarian rennet used.

The original ingredients; un-pasteurized milk, starter culture, rennet, salt and annatto are used. A committed team, work with quality ingredients and carefully monitor timing, temperature and acidity to create a consistently high quality product. Expertise is essential to work with constant variations during the seasons which vary the central ingredient; Appleby’s milk. Appleby’s Cheshire goes particularly well with fruits, as the acidity complements the sweetness of the fruit. Appleby’s Cheshire also has excellent cooking properties.

post-6824-008516000 1281585782_thumb.jpgHafod Hafod is a traditional hard cheese handmade by Sam and Rachel Holden on Wales’ longest certified organic dairy farm, Bwlchwernen Fawr. They only use the raw (un-pasteurized) milk from their 65 Ayrshire cows to make Hafod. Ayrshire milk is rich in butterfat and protein, and is widely regarded as being ideally suited to cheese making. It is this unique combination of creamy organic Ayrshire milk and traditional cheese making techniques that give Hafod its buttery, rich and nutty flavors.

The name - Hafod (pronounced Havod) – is Welsh for summer place or pasture. In the farm’s case, Hafod is an area of meadow next to the river Aeron where all the cows graze as heifers before joining the milking herd.

Bwlchwernen Fawr has been farmed organically for 35-years, by Sam’s father Patrick Holden, Director of the Soil Association.

Charcuterie Specials…

  • Browne Trading Company- Maine Smoked Fish Products & Caviar
  • Alexian Goose Liver Mousse, Pheasant Rosemary Pate
  • Martins Angus Beef

post-6824-029925900 1281585766_thumb.jpg

Browne Trading Company: Maine Smoked Fish Products & Caviar

For over a decade, Browne Trading Co. of Portland, Maine has provided the best restaurants and home kitchens with the freshest fish from New England, the US and the World. They continue to provide the finest offerings of domestic, farmed, and wild smoked fish and also caviars from all around the World that are graded and hand packed by their expert caviar team. The Browne family of New England has been in the fish and caviar trade for generations. Many of the most prestigious and talented chefs and restaurants throughout the nation rely on their products every day.

  • "When I am looking for the best quality caviar and the freshest seafood to serve my demanding New York clientele, I rely on Rod Mitchell's consistently superior products."
  • -Chef Daniel Boulud, Restaurant Daniel, New York City, NY

Rod Browne Mitchell developed his passion for the sea and fishing at the side of his Grandfather Browne. Working summers with his uncle fishing by hook and line out of Boothbay Harbor, and with his cousin, a guide on the Kennebec River, further honed his appreciation of what it takes to find, harvest and care for seafood. In 1976 he earned a degree in marine biology from Southern Maine Technical Institute in South Portland, Maine. An entrepreneur at heart, in 1979 Rod opened and managed a wine and cheese shop( kind of sounds familiar), the Winemporium in Camden, Maine, where he cultivated his taste for fine wine and excellent food. Rod's passion for quality, and pleasure in sharing the knowledge of ingredients has led not only to long term relationships with many of the most talented chefs around the nation, but also to a commitment to promoting education and acknowledgment of culinary excellence.

For the whole month of August.

post-6824-051408800 1281585798_thumb.jpgpost-6824-050846700 1281585809_thumb.jpg

Please take 10% OFF all Browne Trading Company products!

Products include:

  • Scottish Smoked Salmon
  • Salmon cured with Lemon and Dill
  • Hot Smoked Maple Trout
  • Maple Glazed Hot Smoked Salmon
  • Selection of Caviar, or anything on their website.

If you would like a product that is not on our shelves, Contact Perry Soulos @ Arrowine can order whatever prodcts you would like from Browne Trading. http://www.brownetrading.com/

Alexian Pate & Mousse

Alexian takes great pride and care in making patés and mousses of distinction. The result of Alexian’s lavish attention to preparation and fresh ingredients, are patés and mousses of refined taste and texture. We’re sure that you’ll be delighted to serve them to family and friends, and of course to enjoy them yourself.

Alexian has always made a commitment to preparing patés and mousses in a completely natural manner. They sacrifice nothing but the unpleasantries of preservatives, additives and unnecessary fillers. All the game, meat and poultry ingredients they use in their patés are certified to be free of growth hormones and free of antibiotics. This includes the dairy ingredients as well. Alexian consistently deliver high quality products, while providing outstanding customer service. All Natural. No Artificial Flavors, No Artificial Colors, No Preservatives, No Fillers; Hormone and Antibiotic Free Ingredients.

Goose Liver Mousse NO FOIE GRAS

Goose liver with port wine and spices. Typically enjoyed as a spread on an unflavored cracker, French bread or toast points. This product is a real gourmet delight and is highly regarded by connoisseurs. Mousse of Goose Liver is fully-cooked - ready to eat. Ideal for spreading, stuffing or slicing. An inexpensive alternative to Foie Gras. May also be used for stuffing or as a steak topping Tournedos Rossini-style.

Pheasant Rosemary

Pork, pheasant and duck meats with rosemary, pecans and port wine. Typically served by the slice on a garnished plate; or as "finger food" when sliced, cubed and speared with a toothpick. May also be sliced for a sandwich using French or Italian style bread. Duck, Pork, Pork Fat, Pheasant, Onion, Water, Pork Liver, Duck Liver, Spices, Pecans, Port, Salt. 2008 NASFT sofi Awards Competition finalist.

post-6824-014575800 1281585677_thumb.jpg post-6824-069215900 1281585702_thumb.jpg

Martin’s Dry Aged Angus Beef

Martin’s Angus Beef is dedicated to providing high quality 21-30 day, dry aged, grass fed & grain finished Angus Beef at a reasonable price to families in Northern Virginia. Martin’s Angus Beef are fed to a USDA Grade of high Choice to Prime, as you would find in only top steak houses. Their cattle are raised in the rolling pastures of the Piedmont Valley of Virginia and are fed grass and grain grown and managed on the farm. No growth hormones are fed at any time. Martin’s offer’s quality beef and peace of mind in knowing where the beef comes from. At Martin's Angus Beef, you will find that they are passionate about their cattle and the beef they produce. You will find Martin’s beef to have the best flavor and tenderness you have ever eaten.

Bill Martin has been working with cattle his entire life. He was raised on a 600 acre cattle farm in northern Illinois and was helping his father daily before and after school by the time he was 9 years old.

In 1970 Bill held a position as a Cattle Packer/Buyer for Illini Beef Packers in Geneseo, Illinois. Bill selected cattle to be purchased and processed for five years, until 1975 when he began working for Interstate Producers in Peoria, Illinois. With this new position, Bill handled selling finished cattle for 200 feed yards in Northern Illinois. Bill handled the sale of 40,000 – 50,000 cattle annually negotiating the sales to fit the needs of 14 different packing facilities between New Jersey and Nebraska. During this time Bill traveled to different cattle auctions throughout the US and spent much time in Virginia purchasing cattle to ship to Illinois and west. In 1991 Bill moved to Virginia and purchased light weight cattle to ship to western feed yards and finish on grain. To this day Bill maintains excellent relationships with people who have been his customers since the 70’s and 80’s.

Since 1980, Bill has been managing and growing his own herd of Angus, where he has carefully selected the breeding of all Angus to ensure a quality beef product. Careful Bull selection has been made based on ability to produce marbling and texture required in a fine piece of beef found in quality restaurants. His early experiences purchasing finished cattle and purchasing light weight cattle has enabled Bill to develop a top quality herd of Angus.

Holly Martin has been living on a farm her entire life, raising different types of livestock. She has balanced her work and personal life by working in town in customer service and project management, but has always had a need to wake up on and return to the farm in the evenings. Over the past 20 years, Holly has accumulated over 20 years of project management and customer service experience. With this background, Bill and Holly look forward to providing healthy, flavorful, high quality Angus beef to you and your entire family.

Here are a few of the cuts of meat we offer at Arrowine:

  • Sirloin Steak
  • NY Strip Steak
  • London Broil
  • Ground Beef
  • Flat Iron Steak
  • Sirloin Tip’s

Stonewall Kitchen Chutneypost-6824-075889800 1281585683_thumb.jpg

Our distinctive chutneys include wonderful blends of the highest quality ingredients. They are perfect served with cheese, roasted chicken, turkey, pork or beef. A pleasing combination of fruits, onions and spices, is traditionally served with spicy dishes or highly seasoned meats. Chutney is a delicious accompaniment with meats and fish, curried dishes, mixed into rice or couscous, served with cheeses or used as a sandwich spread.

Apple Cranberry Chutney- A pleasing combination of fruits, onions and spices, is traditionally served with spicy dishes or highly seasoned meats. Our Apple Cranberry Chutney will complement your Indian cuisine as well as your meals featuring pork or chicken. Sugar, Cranberries, Onions, Apples, Brown Sugar, Cider Vinegar, Raisins, Apricots, Crushed Ginger, Balsamic Vinegar, Canola Oil, Mustard Seeds, Spinces, Curry Powder, Cinnamon Garlic Powder, Xanthan Gum, Chipotle Pepper, Salt, Citric Acid, Jalapeno Peppers.

Major Grey’s Chutney- Considered the gold standard for chutney, Major Grey’s has been the favorite in England since colonial times. Enjoy our version with chicken or pork. Ingredients: Mango, Pure Cane Sugar, Onion, Red Bell Pepper, Apple, Red Wine Vinegar, Raisins, Brown Sugar, Candied Ginger, White Vinegar, Canola Oil, Lime Juice Concentrate, Curry Powder, Salt, Ground Ginger, Cayenne Pepper.

Old Farmhouse Chutney- Chutney is a delicious accompaniment with meats and fish, curried dishes, mixed into rice or couscous, served with cheeses or used as a sandwich spread. Ingredients: Apples, Sugar, Brown Sugar, Onions, Cranberries, Peaches, Cider Vinegar, Apricots, Raisins, Ginger Root, Roasted Garlic, Balsamic Vinegar, Mustard Seeds, Canola Oil, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Spices, Xanthan Gum, Curry Powder, Citric Acid, Ancho Chili Pepper, Chili Powder

Fig Raisin Chutney- This exceptional blend of raisins and figs is enhanced with ginger and balsamic vinegar making it the perfect accompaniment to roast pork and delicious served with a mild Brie cheese and crackers. It is full of intense flavor, and is a wonderful addition to our fabulous line of chutneys. Ingredients: Pears, Fig Paste with Fig Concentrate, Water, Onions, Brown Sugar, Cider Vinegar, Raisins, Sugar, Candied Ginger, Dried Plums (sulfur dioxide as a preservative), Balsamic Vinegar, Canola Oil, Ginger, Salt, Spices, Curry Powder

Mango Chutney- This traditional chutney is the perfect accompaniment to any grilled, roasted or sauteed meat or seafood. It makes a unique sandwich spread. Try it served with your favorite rice or curried dishes. For a delightful appetizer, serve with cheese and crackers. A little spicy, a little sweet, completely delicious! Ingredients: Mangos, Pure Cane Sugar, Apples, Onions, Water, Raisins, Brown Sugar, Red Bell Peppers, Cider Vinegar, Lime Juice Mustard Seed, Spices, Curry Powder, Salt, Canola Oil, Ground Ancho Chile Pepper, Xanthan Gum (a natural thickener), Garlic Powder, Dried Red Bell Pepper Granules, Red Pepper Flakes.

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Simply put, D'Artagnan is a company dedicated to putting the finest foie gras, meat, game, truffles, and mushrooms on the tables of American gastronomes whether at home or in restaurants.

Founded in 1985, they are the leading purveyor of foie gras, patés, sausages, smoked delicacies, organic game and poultry in the nation. All of New York's four-star restaurants, for example, have D'Artagnan products on their menus.

In addition to being a group of "foodies" -- many of whom are former professional chefs -- dedicated to fine cuisine, the D'Artagnan team is equally dedicated to the quality and value of sustainable, responsible farming. Established on the principles of procuring the freshest, cleanest and most natural products, D'Artagnan currently provides a range of over 300 items to the world's top restaurants, hotels, retailers, and consumer chefs. From free-range organic and heritage meats to preservative free charcuterie, D'Artagnan continues to set the trend.

Arrowine's Phone number is 703 - 525- 0990

•These prices are only good through our E-mail Pre-Order program, and only on Pre-Ordered item's for the corresponding week.

•Walk in customers will not be granted Special E-mail prices. Pre-Order Only.

•We will take orders until Thursday morning before 12 PM, orders will arrive at Arrowine Friday available for pick up after 12 PM.

When placing your order please provide to Arrowine: Product name, quantity wanted, Your name, phone number, and Visa or Master Card information. Thank you. We appreciate your business and support.

Perry Soulos

This Week's Specials

•Fresh Burgundy Black Truffles (Tuber Uncinatum Vitto)

•Hudson Valley Fresh Foie Gras Slices

•Organic Free Range Chicken

•Berkshire Pork St. Louis Ribs

•Berkshire Pork Tenderloin

•Whole Semi-Boneless Quail

•Fresh Duck Magret

•Frenched and Cap-Off Rack of Lamb

•Farm Fresh Quail Eggs

Fresh Burgundy Black Truffles (Tuber Uncinatum Vitto)

Our price is the lowest I could find in the whole country!

In season from September to December the Burgundy Truffle is widely consumed in Italy and in parts of France. It is easily distinguished from the Perigod black truffle by it's coffee colored interior and the network of ridges that cover the surface of its pores.

•With a black exterior and dark brown flesh mottled with white veins, burgundy truffles (Tuber uncinatum) have a delicate but distinctive aroma.

•The burgundy truffle is known for it's deep and unique flavor of underwood, and also for it's hazelnut flavor that makes its reputation and quality.

•Price for each. You are charged based on the actual product weight shipped.

•Truffles are formed naturally in the ground therefore each truffle may vary slightly in size and color.

•Pieces average 1 OZ to 2 OZ.

Regular Price $599.99 per pound. This week's Special Email Price is $299.99 per pound! Average cost per Truffle depending on size is between $19.99 - $39.99 each.

Hudson Valley 100% Corn-fed Grade A Duck Foie Gras Slices

Convenient, pre-cut slices make it easy to enjoy this luscious treat anytime!

Want to indulge in this gourmet delicacy, but don't need a whole lobe of foie gras? Nothing is quicker or easier than our ready-to-cook, 100% corn-fed duck foie gras slices. Just season, sear and serve!

These conveniently portioned, raw foie gras slices are cut from D'Artagnan's label, Grade A 100% Corn-Fed Duck Foie Gras-a favorite among their chef clientele for its naturally sweet taste and super-silky texture. Moulard ducks, a hybrid cross of a female Pekin and a male Muscovy duck, are famous for their natural tendency to gorge themselves in preparation for biannual migration. Taking advantage of this tendency, flocks are corn-fed several times daily in the three weeks just before processing to produce an enlarged liver known as foie gras. This foie gras is especially good for terrines because it releases relatively little fat. It's also very good seared.

•No hormones or antibiotics.

•Fresh Grade A, hot-eviscerated foie gras from Moulard ducks

•Ducks are raised in the French style, with 12-14 days of gavage.

•Diet is 100% corn for a distinctively sweet flavor profile.

•2 slices of 2- 3 ounces each per package (5 oz. average total weight)

Quick Cooking Tip

Their foie gras slices are sinfully delicious and so easy to prepare! First, score the slices on both sides, then season liberally on both sides with salt and pepper. Sear in a dry hot skillet about 30 seconds per side and serve!

Regular Price $35.99 per package. This week's Special Email Price $29.99 per package.

Organic Chicken - 3-4 Lb Average. Regular Price is $6.99 per pound. This week's Special E-mail Price: $4.99 per pound! Average cost is between $15.00 - $20.00 per chicken, depending on weight.

Berkshire St. Louis Style Ribs - Two 2-3 LB Racks per Pack: 6 Lbs. per package. Regular price is $9.99 per pound. This week's Special Email Price is $6.99 per pound! Average Cost is between $35.00 - $50.00 per package, depending on weight.

Berkshire Pork Tenderloin - Bring exceptionally flavorful Berkshire pork, beloved by celebrity chefs, to your own kitchen. Regular Price is $14.99 per pound. This week's Special E-mail price is $10.99 per pound. Average cost per package is around $24.00 per package.

Whole Semi-Boneless Quail - Four Quail per pack- 1 LB average per package. Regular Price is $18.99 per package. This week's Special E-mail Price is $15.99 per package!

Fresh Moulard Duck Magret - Average size is about 1 LB per package. Regular Price is $14.99 per pound. This week's Special E-mail Price: $11.99 per pound! Average cost is between $11.00 - $14.00 per package, depending on weight.

Frenched and Cap-Off Rack of Lamb - Average size is about 2 LBS. Regular Price $22.99 per pound. This weeks Special E-mail price is $15.99 per pound. Average cost is around $25.00 - $35.00 per pack.

Farm Fresh Quail Eggs

Pretty on the outside, delicious on the inside!

Considered a delicacy in many parts of the world, D'Artagnan's fresh, farm-raised Quail Eggs have a mildly gamey flavor and work well for hors d'ouevres, canapés and garnishes. Try them hard boiled, cut in half, with a little crème fraîche and caviar. And they make the cutest little deviled eggs you've ever seen! 15 fresh, farm raised Quails Eggs per flat. Hormone-free.

Regular price is $9.99 per flat. This week's Special E-mail Price: $7.99 per flat.

Thank you. We appreciate your business and support.

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post-6824-011165400 1288742331_thumb.jpg

French regional cuisine is characterized by its extreme diversity and style. Traditionally, each region of France has its own distinctive cuisine accepted by both its bourgeoisie and peasants and other general citizenry of the regions. I feel for a big food month like November the flavor's and style of Alsace, Jura, Savoie, and Franche-Comte are a perfect fit for large family gatherings and cool nights drinking and eating amazing wine and food.

In the Alsace/ Jura region, sociable and good-nature are the ingredients for a great, friendly evening. That is why it is not surprising that French/Alsatian people like both good food and good wine! Indeed the Alsace region of France is one of the country's smallest regions but it boasts mouth-watering specialties. This French North-East region - that shares borders with Germany - perpetuates the traditional gastronomy of France that is now renowned worldwide.

Savoie and Franche-Comte is situated near the border of Switzerland. Franche-Comte is full of beautiful landscapes and pine forests. Food in North Eastern France is both hearty and full of solid flavors - eating and drinking to satisfy the hungriest gourmet! In the east of the region the food has an Alpine flavor with dishes such as fondue, raclette, gratin dauphinois and gratin savoyard. The region is also famous for its many varieties of wines and cheese including Tomme de Savoie, Reblochon, Saint-Marcellin, and Vacherin. Wines in this region include the very famous Beaujolais, Cote du Rhone, and Savoy wine.

This month as we start to settle down and gear up for a busy holiday season, remember to take time to relax and eat warm hearty food. Look out for this month's Take and Plate Cheese Platters with a selection of goodies from this month's foodie e-mail.

If you haven't already seen our "New" Tuesday Boucher Pre-Order Program, keep an eye out for it every Tuesday afternoon for incredible deals on fresh truffles, and organic and free range meats.

Thank you so much and we appreciate your business.

Perry Soulos

post-6824-039189400 1288742340_thumb.jpg November Cheese Specials: Please see below for details.

  • Beaufort A.O.C
  • Morbier au Lait Cru
  • French Raclette
  • Prefere de Nos Montagnes (Pasteurized Reblochon)
  • L'Edel de Cleron

post-6824-004905400 1288742385_thumb.jpg November Charcuterie Specials: Please see below for details.

  • Jambon Cuit
  • Volpi Un Mondo Salame Selection
  • D'Artagnan Smoked Magret Duck Breast
  • D'Artagnan Mousse of Duck Foie Gras
  • Alexian Paté Campagne and Truffle Mousse
  • Simply Sausage - French Country Sausage

November Cheese Specials

post-6824-007305300 1288742345_thumb.jpgBeaufort A.O.C

This beauty comes from the tiny farm town in the department of Haute-Savoie, where the cows have the right of way in the streets and up in the pristine Alps. The Tarine and Abondance cows that produce this rich milk have been around since Roman times. history. Beaufort cheese has a smeared rind, which is rubbed, clean and robust with a uniform yellow to brown color. The paste is smooth and very firm but supple with few holes or cracks called 'oeil de perdrix' or 'partridge eyes' with an ivory to pale yellow color. Beaufort cheese lacks holes yet is similar to Gruyère, Comté or Emmental. However, it is often considered even superior in taste.

The Beaufort paste smells of nuts and toffee and the taste is very distinctive. Beaufort has a nice scent of milk, butter and honey. The supple paste has flowery and herbs aromas. Beaufort cheese has a great rich, and nutty flavor that is accented by a freshness of summer grass and herbs. "The Prince of Gruyere's". Beaufort is commonly used to make cheese fondue because it melts easily.

Regular Price $29.99/Lb. This Month $25.99/Lb.

post-6824-015644100 1288742365_thumb.jpgMorbier Au Lait Cru

Originating from the Jura Mountains, Morbier is immediately recognizable by the black layer of ash separating it horizontally in the middle. The origins of the soot layer at the heart of the paste date back to the beginning of the 19th century when Morbier was made in two stages. In order to protect the curd for the night and keep insects away, a layer of soot was sprinkled over its surface. In the morning, another layer of "fromage frais" was added on top of it.

Today, the black layer is a harmless, purely decorative vegetable product that makes for a good anecdote. It has a slightly strong aroma with rich, nutty, and earthy flavors. Morbier has a meadow sweet aroma of nuts and hay. The maturation of Morbier is usually 3 months. Morbier is excellent served with Gewürztraminer or Pinot Noir.

Regular Price $15.99/Lb. This Month $12.99/Lb.

post-6824-089234800 1288742378_thumb.jpgFrench Raclette

Raclette is a cow's milk cheese that has a light-brown rind and a firm texture. It has a round or square shape with smooth, pink to deep orange, slightly sticky, natural rind. It is a hard cheese with a subtle flavor, good aftertaste and firm texture.

Although the cheese has a pleasant enough flavor, it is not really extraordinary until it is heated in front of a fire or under a hot grill. Then the full nutty, sweet and slightly fruity aroma intensifies and the elasticity of the melting cheese makes it truly magnificent. It is used in a dish called raclette, the name is derived from the French verb racler (to scrape).

Raclette was mentioned in medieval writings as a particularly nutritious meal consumed by peasants in mountainous France and Switzerland. It was then known in the German-speaking part of Switzerland as Bratchäs, or "roasted cheese." Traditionally, the cow herders used to take the cheese with them when they were moving cows to or from the pastures up in the mountains. In the evenings around the campfire, they would place the cheese next to the fire and, when it had reached the perfect softness, scrape it on top of some bread.

A modern way of serving raclette involves an electric table-top grill with small pans, known as coupelles, to heat slices of raclette cheese in. Generally the grill is surmounted by a hot plate or griddle. The cheese is brought to the table sliced, accompanied by platters of boiled or steamed potatoes, other vegetables and charcuterie. These are then mixed with potatoes and topped with cheese in the small, wedge-shaped coupelles that are placed under the grill to melt and brown the cheese. Alternatively, slices of cheese may be melted and simply poured over food on the plate. The accent in raclette dining is on relaxed and sociable eating and drinking, the meal often running to several hours.

Regular Price $15.99/Lb. This Month $12.99/Lb.

post-6824-076361600 1288742564_thumb.jpgPrefere de Nos Montagnes (Pasteurized Reblochon)

The milk used to make this cheese is only from three alpine local breeds, Abondance, Montbeiard and Tarine, and the production takes place in a precise location in Savoie and Haute-Savoie departments. The cows are fed without the addition of ensilaged crops, which reinforces the effect of the flora in the mountain pastures. The cows are milked twice a day: early mornings and end of the days. It has a nutty, full-flavored, buttery, creamy taste. A must have, especially if you love Tartiflette. Reblochon goes well with fruity red wines, like Beaujolais, or a fruit driven Pinot Noir from California. It can also pair well with Riesling.

Regular Price $24.99/Lb. This Month $21.99/Lb.

post-6824-073767200 1288742357_thumb.jpgL'Edel de Cleron

We feel it is one of the best commercially made full-flavored brie's from the French-Comte region. The perimeter of the cheese itself is banded by a strip of an aromatic spruce bark which lends to woodsy, resinous flavor of the cheese. The crust is a pale-gold with specks of pink throughout, and you will notice the checked cloth markings on the top of the wheel from a special 3 week brining process.

The tradition of production stems from the climate and difficulties of living in the mountains; when the Winters came it was literally impossible to deliver milk to the Comte, or Abondance cooperatives, so people made smaller Cheeses for home use that could be eaten within weeks. These young cheeses were fairly fragile and so were banded with bark (Spruce, fir or pine) to hold the shape for storage and serving. Even now these cheeses are best eaten from late fall to Spring when the milk is most suitable for this type of cheese.

The flavor of L'Edel de Cleron is perfumed with scents of the Forest and a slight resinous aspect from the bark. The texture is very rich and creamy. Best eaten at a full ripe stage.

Regular Price $25.99. This Month $22.99/Lb.

November Charcuterie Specials

post-6824-062125400 1288742349_thumb.jpgJambon Cuit

The characteristic flavors of hams vary with the type of salt, curing process, breed, diet and age of the pig. The names of ham sometimes designate a particular region or a particular curing process. Two of the better known hams in France are: jambon de Paris (steamed) and jambon de Bayonne (salt-cured). Jambon Cuit is a moist and delicious steamed ham. It has a fresh and clean taste and is what ham should taste like. It is our most popular ham. Try it rolled up and placed on your next party platter or try it on one of our baguettes with some butter for a real French experience.

Regular price $11.99/Lb. This Week $9.99/Lb.

post-6824-004905400 1288742385_thumb.jpgVolpi Un Mondo Salumi

Volpi's Un Mondo meat products bring together old world traditions and new world beliefs. The recipes used in these all natural products were created from research, travel and over a century of experience in making salumi. The end products are simple and uniquely Volpi quality. Inspired by the flavors of Spain, France and Italy, these meats are simple in ingredients yet complex in taste. All Un Mondo products are minimally processed with no artificial ingredients. Six ounces each.

Regular Price $6.99 Each. This Month $5.99 Each.

Un Mondo Herb de Provence French Inspired Salame

An all natural product with no nitrates. This salami combines influences from both France and Italy, bringing years of culinary tradition into one modern product. Seasoned lightly, it pairs well with olives and sheep's milk cheese. It also pair's well with Brie and a glass of Bordeaux.

Un Mondo Cacciatore Hunters Style Italian Inspired Salame

An all natural product with no nitrates. Salty and rich, it is perfect for a spontaneous snack with some crunchy bread and parmigiano reggiano. This is a great salami for those who love a bold flavor. Pair with your favorite red wine accompanied by antipasti or a cheese plate.

Un Mondo Paesano Italian Salame

An all natural product with no nitrates. Seasoned with spices, paprika and natural flavoring, this is a bold, yet sweet and spicy treat. Spicy salami lovers will love this one. Perfect to accompany with your favorite red wines, antipasti, cheese plates and much more. Pairs nicely with any cheese from Provolone to Fontina. Enjoy it with a glass of Chianti Classico.

Un Mondo Chorizo Spanish Inspired Salame

An all natural product with no nitrates. Seasoned with plenty of spices, paprika and garlic! This is a spicy, rich and bold flavored salami that hot spice aficionados will go crazy over. There are so many great ways to use chorizo, in paella, with cheese, and even omelets. Best paired with Campo de Montalban or a young Manchego and a glass of a full-bodied Rioja.

Un Mondo Fuet Spanish Inspired Sweet Salame

An all natural product with no nitrates. Fuet is a long, slender all-pork sausage frequently found in Catalua, Spain. Great on its own or try grilling it and use in sandwiches and soups. Perfect when paired with Manchego or Garrotxa. To drink? Cava of course!

post-6824-037367000 1288742656_thumb.jpgD'Artagnan Smoked Magret Duck Breast

D'Artagnan's all-natural Smoked Magret is made from Moulard duck breast-the cross-breed of Muscovy and Pekin ducks raised to produce foie gras, which also boasts a deeply flavorful meat. Its authentic smoky taste comes from our traditional slow cooking method, using real hardwood hickory chips-no artificial flavors or liquid smoke short cuts here!

D'Artagnan's Smoked Magret matches beautifully with fruits and salads: think blueberries, plums, pears, peaches, and greens like frisée and mesclun. Make a basic couscous with lemon zest and cumin and toss with plums and sliced smoked duck breast for a 30-minute dinner salad. Caramelize pears, or peaches and toss with julienned smoked magret and arugula for a restaurant-caliber entrée salad.

Smoked duck breast is suitable for any time of year and always makes an impressive addition to a charcuterie plate. Slice thin pieces and serve with cornichons (our favorite baby pickles), Dijon mustard, or-trust us-try it with truffle butter and baguette for the ultimate in hassle-free entertaining. And don't forget a bottle of your favorite Rhone varietal for a perfect wine pairing!

  • All natural
  • No liquid smoke or artificial flavors used
  • No nitrites, antibiotics hormones or preservatives
  • Ideal to have on hand for an easy weeknight dinner or for entertaining
  • Pairs well with fruits and greens, as well as sour and/or spicy chutneys and condiments
  • Fully cooked and ready-to-eat; no additional preparation required!

Regular Price $28.99/Lb. This Month $25.99/Lb.

post-6824-097509500 1288742187_thumb.jpgD'Artagnan Mousse of Duck Foie Gras

No chicken liver, pork liver, or duck liver is ever added to get in the way of the sweet, silky taste of this foie gras. You'll find this mousse light and creamy with a hint of good Sauternes wine added to the baked terrine to enhance the luxurious taste of the foie gras. Simply smear on a slice of crusty bread or a toast point serve with a nice Sauterne or Port wine. 8 Ounce Terrine.

Regular Price $24.99 Each. This Week $19.99 Each.

post-6824-061767600 1288742371_thumb.jpgAlexian Patés and Mousses

Alexian takes great pride and care in making patés and mousses of distinction. The result of Alexian's lavish attention to preparation and fresh ingredients, are patés and mousses of refined taste and texture. We're sure that you'll be delighted to serve them to family and friends, and of course to enjoy them yourself. Groezinger Provisions, Inc., the corporation and USDA facility that produces Alexian and other deli products, is a Woman Owned Business Enterprise, certified by the state of New Jersey.

Alexian has always made a commitment to preparing patés and mousses in a completely natural manner. They sacrifice nothing but the unpleasantries of preservatives, additives and unnecessary fillers. All the game, meat and poultry ingredients they use in their patés are certified to be free of growth hormones and free of antibiotics. This includes the dairy ingredients as well. Alexian consistently deliver high quality products, while providing outstanding customer service. All Natural. No Artificial Flavors, No Artificial Colors, No Preservatives, No Fillers; Hormone and Antibiotic Free Ingredients. Five Ounce Packages.

Regular Price $6.99 Each. This Month $5.99 Each.

Paté Campagne

Typically served by the slice on a garnished plate; or as "finger food" when sliced, cubed and speared with a toothpick. May also be sliced for a sandwich using French or Italian style bread. Pork and pork liver with sherry wine, herbs & spices. Pate Campagne is THE traditional pate of France. Starting with coarsely ground pork meat and pork liver, spiced with onions, garlic, parsley, bay leaves and thyme, the mixture is then slowly cooked the traditional way. The result: a savory culinary delight!

Truffle Mousse

Typically enjoyed as a spread on an unflavored cracker, bread or toast points. This luxurious mousse features the gem of French cuisine - black truffles. Also Pork Fat, Eggs, Turkey Liver, Chicken Liver, Onions, Sherry, Truffles, Spices, Salt, Garlic, Mushrooms. Rich, flavorful and smooth, this mousse has an unbelievable silky texture.

post-6824-049567500 1288742179_thumb.jpgSimply Sausage

Simply Sausage is a gourmet artisanal sausagemaker located in Landover, Maryland. Stan Feder and his team hand craft their high quality sausages for restaurants, farmer's markets and gourmet food shops, from farmers who raise livestock naturally, and for people who love great food. Stan is obsessed with quality in all aspects of any cooking he does. He goes the extra mile to get the best ingredients. He doesn't cut corners. Stan is a member of Slow Food, a charter member of the National Capital Area chapter of the American Institute of Food and Wine, and a former director of The Regional Food Council/Local Food, a not-for-profit that worked to strengthen links between small farmers and the citizens of the greater Washington, DC, area. He was part of the team that organized the Mt. Pleasant Farmers' Market in Washington, DC

French Country Sausage

Duroc hogs produce remarkably flavorful and juicy meat. Here Stan combined Duroc pork with French tarragon, fresh shallots, fresh parsley, French gray sea salt, white pepper, and a pinch or two of clove and nutmeg. We like our French Country Sausage grilled and served on a good baguette or with lentil or potato salad. But you can also saute, bake, or broil them. Leftover French Country sausages are also good cold. They taste like an excellent pate, but they have half the fat per ounce. Stan likes to eat the leftovers on bread with mustard. Ingredients: Duroc pork, French gray sea salt, water, shallots, parsley, white pepper, tarragon, nutmeg, ginger, and cloves.

Regular Price $11.99/Lb. This Month $10.99/Lb.

Thank you for your support of Arrowine and the work that we do.

Doug Rosen

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