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Carryout and Delivery

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It's been so hot and humid recently that we are loathe to cook at home. Rather than rely on sandwiches and salads or going out to eat, sometimes hubby and I like to order food to be delivered. And we usually order enough for several meals. Recently we discovered a placed called B'More on York Road that sells just about everything one can imagine - gyros, lasagna, pizza, burgers, Indian food, and Indo-Chinese food. That last item got me to place an order for the Chilly chicken, a dry fry of smoky chicken pieces with bell pepper and onion. We also tried a small pizza and several items of Indian food. Everything was pretty good, so I think we've found our go-to pizza delivery service.

For Chinese food, we call Szechuan House.

Anyone else have recommendations? Particularly for delivery food in the Towson area.

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