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Has anyone been to the Bel-Loc recently? We were heading to Beltway Liquors last night and hadn't eaten dinner yet so I suggested the diner. It probably would have been safest to stick to breakfast items, but I decided to get the hot meatloaf sandwich with fries. Mistake. While the fries were nicely crispy on the outside/soft on the inside, the meatloaf was mostly cold and it tasted like it had mint in it. Lots of mint, and lots of salt. Mint in lamb loaf with a bit of tomato sauce would have been ok, but it was completely incongruous in a slab of cold ground beef slathered in that weird translucent gravy that diners serve.

My husband had a lasagna special and that tasted nice and home-made. Not as good as mine, but not half bad.

I'm not sure I'll ever be desperate enough to eat there again.

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