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Hamburger Really Does Contain Ham?


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Before catching a show last night, Mr. MV and I grabbed a quick dinner at a casual restaurant. You know-burgers, sandwiches, appetizers, a few entrees.

As I was perusing the menu, I saw something unusual, the "Certified Angus Beef Burger*". The (*) was explained as (*contains 2% ham).


I asked our server, a nice young lady being shadowed by a young man who I assumed to be in training, "can you explain the ham in the hamburger? I've never seen this listed before".

She replied, "it comes packaged that way", gesturing with her hands.

I just left the matter at that, and ordered something else.

Can anyone explain this? Is ham added for flavor? For fat?

I thought it was great to fully explain the ingredients and be transparent about it for those who abstain from eating pork products, but I just don't know what to think about it.


(Please move topic if this isn't the right region to list it)

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