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2008 Nine Stones Shiraz

Joe H

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A month ago I sat at the bar in Legal Seafood in Boston's Logan Airport scarfing down dinner before a delayed flight. The wine list included a $9.00/glass wine called "Nine Stones" Barossa Shiraz. I tried a glass. A short pour, three or four gulps and good enough to order a second glass. A woman next to me asked if I liked it and ordered a glass for herself. Soon, two more at the bar tried a glass also.

All of us liked it. All of us thought it was a bargain...for nine dollars a glass.

When I returned home I went onto WineZap fully expecting/hoping that I'd find it for under $20 a bottle. I really thought this was a step UP from, say, Shotfire Ridge. Scrolling down the results almost every bottle was under $15. Fifteen!!! Some were around eleven.

Unbelievable. Eleven dollars a bottle for some really smooth, seriously delicious swill that should have sold for at least twice as much. Actually this is personally embarassing: a wine that is around eleven a bottle that is good enough that I want to share this find with others. Eleven a bottle!!!

It's either that good or I've become that cheap...

Today I found it at Costco. Ten ninety seven a bottle. Ten ninety seven!~~~! I bought a dozen bottles and felt that I had almost stolen it. A really good wine at a more than fair price.

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I enjoy the occasional Shiraz, and this one is taking the edge off today's arctic chill quite nicely. Very smooth. Thank you, Joe H, for the recommendation.

Thank you, lperry. I'm about three cases into this by now. A remarkable bargain for an everyday wine.

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