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Penfolds Bin 28 Shiraz 2006

Joe H

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I was at the Costco in Sterling, VA today reaching for several bottles of 2006 Northstar merlot ($50 Washington state wine that Costco sells for $19.95) when a man walked up with a Costco employee and pointed out a wine in a nearby bin and said "I want three cases of this." I glanced over and the wine was 2006 Penfolds Bin 28 Shiraz. It was $14.95 a bottle and I like shiraz. Three cases. Interesting...

The employee left to research if they had any on a palette; I started talking to him. He liked shiraz-he loved shiraz. We talked about Shotfire Ridge which he almost laughed at. I mentioned Glaymond (a $60 shiraz which the Wine Library sells for in the mid 30's) also Elderton's several shiraz including Command and he knew them. ( He knew the Wine Library, too. Even watched Gary Vaynerchuk on the internet.) Insisted this was 95% as good as the Glaymond. Also mentioned that the Bin 28 was a $26 wine which Costco was selling at a true wholesale price which is why he was buying so much. It was one of his everyday wines. He also talked about Penfolds St. Henri ($60+) and Grange ($250+) and noted that this was a level of quality that enhanced the Penfolds name in its own price range.

He left and I thought he'd really made a nice presentation (!). I bought two bottles.

I type this with a glass of the Bin 28 next to me and the nearby bottle a third empty. An absolutely remarkable wine for the price. Well worth $26. For $14.95 absolutely remarkable actually.


I wonder what other wine he likes?



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