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So Good

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I guess I'll join all the cool kids and mention my site in a thread in this forum.

I call So Good "An absurd look at the world of food." Basically I want So Good to be "food as pop culture." We do weekly "Would You Rather?" debates as well as weekly "Eating Styles" posts, and we even have our own weekly comic strip, John Q. Foodblogger. We also got a lot of attention for our Meat Madness and Fast Food Bracket tournaments.

I also used to work in social media marketing, so I sometimes do some in-depth analysis or commentary on a social media marketing campaign/blunder.

Here's a snippet from the About page on my site:

The author of So Good, Jon Eick (that’s me), is a humorist, writer and marketing consultant with a background in stand-up, improv, sketch comedy and eating. He performed comedy throughout the east coast for 6 years. He is uniquely qualified to run a blog focused on food and beverages, having eaten food on a daily basis for the last 30 years. A recent study of Jon in social settings found a stunning 59% of his stories contain the word “sandwich.”
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