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Cold-Smoked Haddock


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A fellow who comes to the dog park where I take Chloe most mornings asked me if I know where he can find cold-smoked haddock. I don't know where he is from--he has a British-tinged accent, with a substrate of German--but apparently his wife is British and has a hankering to make kedgeree, and no other smoked fish will do. He doesn't want to pay shipping costs to order it online, if he can avoid it. But the fish markets he has called (Black Salt, River Falls, the place behind the Crisp and Juicy on Lee Highway ) don't have it and didn't offer to order a small amount just for him.

I told him I would inquire among the well-informed here on DR.com. Anyone seen it anywhere around here?

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The Glover Park Whole Foods used to carry finnan haddie, which is one form anyway of cold-smoked haddock, labeled Findon Haddock. I think it was from Ducktrap River in Maine, but I could be wrong. Then they stopped having it. But I saw it there maybe two or three weeks ago. I was there today, but had not seen this post and didn't look. It's pretty expensive, but I've had it a few times and it's really very good.

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