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Columbia Heights Community Marketplace

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Columbia Heights Farmer's Market has stolen the spot as my favorite market in Washington D.C. It kicked off the season today with a bang. Since it goes until 2 you could still pay it a visit. (I hit 14th & U, Mt. Pleasant and Adams Morgan too today)

What makes it great? The sheer diversity of vendors, producers and farmers is fabulous. The prices are reasonable to the consumer and the farmer. The produce is top notch and should meet the most picky member's standards. For those who like Jamie Stachowski (sp?) sausages you can find them at the market, along with Bonaparte Bread and Upper Crust Bakery. There is a bison provider too. Unfortunately I forget to get the names of the farmers but I will remember too the next time I hit the markets.

This year they even have a local goat cheese producer who is offering goat fudge! It's really tasty (says she who splurged on $8 worth of peanut butter and chocolate fudge because the farmer told me it would last for months.. I assume I bought willpower too.)

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