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Bakewell Cream


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...I exercised restraint and picked up only some specialty flour and some leaveners: a can of Bakewell Cream - gotta figure out what those Rhode Islanders are on about - and some ammonium bicarbonate (aka hartshorn) for historical recipe experiments.

Let us know how the experiments go. I've been playing around with Bakewell and am not sure it's any better than other leaveners. But maybe I just don't like the recipe on the can. Hmm, maybe it's time to make biscuits again...

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I actually like the recipe on the side of the can -- it's not my favorite biscuit recipe ever, but it's quick and easy, and the results are very fluffy and tasty.

I haven't yet tried anything else with Bakewell Cream, but I just noticed that the company's site has a recipe of the month, if anyone's interested in their suggestions (without buying the cookbooklet.)


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