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Feeding a Beach-House Crowd


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Does anyone have any recommendations for dinner for a crowd at the beach? We will be 10 to 14 people, including 4 kids (I realize 10 is only 1 more than the number of people my mother cooked for every day for more than 20 years, but it seems like a crowd to me), and the house is reasonably well equipped. The first night we always have manicotti (from a recipe in my mother's old McCall's Cooking School cookbook), 2 pans of which are in my freezer right now (the manicotti, not the book) -- there's nothing like having the first night's dinner already made when you arrive but for baking. We tend to do burgers, crab cakes, London broil, pizza, chicken (though that's challenging, since none of us are expert grillers and we usually use boneless skinless). I was thinking fajitas might work well. Any other thoughts? Some of us (including me) love fish, but not everyone will eat it (though maybe we can do hybrid pizza/fish night or something). If it matters, we'll be at Long Beach Island, NJ, my favorite place on earth (okay, Rome is a close second).

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