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Lily B Photography, Alexandria (HC)


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We've had numerous family portraits taken over the years, and all of them had the same outcome: boring, sterile, neutral, uninteresting.

So when my wife found Crystal and her small business Lily B. Photography , she swore I would approve. "No fake backdrops, no canned photos" she said, " I looked at her work and it's.....cool." And so it went. The whole process took about an hour, the entire time I was just really hanging out with my kids, nieces, nephews and family. She photographed them, and us, playing, talking, laughing, and just being ourselves.

There was no corralling the kids and rearrangement of various awkward poses. And the resulting pictures were so flawless, so magnificent, so full of life and joy, it was just amazing. I mean, I was there, and I was having fun, but those milliseconds she managed to capture showed 10x the joy, fun, and beauty that I even knew existed.

Check out her website, look at her work, and if it appeals to you, call her. She's excellent.

Brian Reymann

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