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Snack Bar Concession - summer 2012


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I just volunteered to get the snack bar together at my neighborhood pool for next summer. This can be a good opportunity for a small business with experience in this type of concession. It's a no frills suburban Montgomery County non-profit, privately owned local pool that's only open in the summer. It's got a big swim/dive team plus two tennis courts and is pretty busy in June and July. This is not for foodies. The place needs basic burgers, fries, dogs, simple sandwiches, wraps, salads, fruit and ice cream and some candy. Like many food businesses, there will be very, very busy times such as at swim meets and July 4th. However it can get very slow especially early in the week. The right candidate would be within five miles of the pool because the vendor will need a convenient staging area as the on site facilities are limited. At this point, the terms of the arrangement are negotiable. Instead of asking for a formal RFP, I would like to get an e-mail with a thumbnail sketch of a proposal or just call me on my cellphone to discuss.



cell 301 300-8947


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