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I’ve been blessed to grow up around hard-working women. So when I say that the owner of The Dizz (formerly Dizzie Izzie’s) is the hardest working woman I’ve ever met, it means something!

I live across the street from the Dizz, and I love it. It’s a great local spot and the owner has taken pride in the role of her restaurant in strengthening community ties, beautifying our neighborhood and enhancing our quality of life with the delicious smells emanating from her kitchen.

My husband said that they were recently voted “Best Burger in Baltimore,” and I’d believe it. It’s the best I’ve ever had. I’m not a huge burger person, so I haven’t had alot to compare it to, but whenever I go, I’m fully satisfied. When guests come to town and insist on getting crabcakes, I send them to The Dizz and it’s never let us down (*Although I wouldn’t recommend the pizza...)

The Dizz is a great corner bar with comfortable outdoor seating which is great in the summer, fireplace dining which is great homey touch in the winter time. Most patrons live within walking distance but there’s a few parking spots behind the restaurant for those who hate parallel parking. Most of the people from out of town who tumble into The Dizz, do so by accident--they come to the corner to see Charm City Cakes and when they’re disappointed that they can’t see Duff and the cast of “Ace of Cakes” they grab a bite at The Dizz as a consolation prize.

**As a hint to anyone who wants to come to Baltimore to see the “Ace of Cakes” crew: come on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday when they’re usually delivering wedding cakes etc., grab a table at the front bar or outside on the patio of The Dizz and watch the cakes process into the various vans. :-)

Service can be a bit slow, but no one goes to The Dizz in a hurry (it’s very “Baltimore” that way.) It’s one of our favorite spots to grab a beer and a burger and catch up with friends and I highly recommend it!

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