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Rossi's Automotive Service, Silver Spring


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After years of taking our 2001 Saab 9-5 to the dealership for service, we found Rossi's Automotive Service on Selim Road in Silver Spring. The owner, Rod Donaso, *knows* Saabs inside and out. He'll take the car for diagnostics, identify possible causes for your problem, and, unless it's something that potentially must be dealt with immediately, will tell you how to figure out which of the problems it might be and when it should be fixed. He won't tell you something needs expensive repairs if it doesn't. He will also take you quickly if you have a problem that requires immediate service (like the time our window rollers failed at 3:30 the day before Thanksgiving and I was driving around with a half-closed driver's door window).

I wouldn't say Rossi's is cheap, but it's cheaper than the dealership and the folks there are very responsive and professional (and, IMO, way more pleasant to deal with than the service staff at VOB). In the past three months, Rossi's has replaced the gas gauge and the turbo* quickly (they had the car overnight for the turbo) and with good quality workmanship. We've never had that "hey, what's that leak/smell/random screw in the passenger compartment" experience that you sometimes have with mechanics.

Website here: http://www.rossisautomotive.com/

* The only reason Rossi's didn't fix our clutch is that we were on the road when we discovered it was shot. Saab of Memphis also gets some love here for taking good care of us.

Stefanie Davis

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