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Great Beginnings, Baby Store, Gaithersburg

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Babies and small children seem to require at least some gear to get started, even if it is just a stroller and onesies.

When shopping at some of the more famous big box baby stores, I was often reduced to tears of frustration. In fact one store earned the nickname "the evil store" for the difficulties we encountered.

Not so at Great Beginnings. It is very large, with room to actually test drive a stroller before purchasing. The staff actually knows the merchandise and can help you find a car seat. stroller, bed, changing table or the cutest clothes known to mankind. They also match coupons from other stores. The prices are comparable to other stores.

It is right off 355 in Gaithersburg in the same strip mall as Brusters.

18501 N. Frederick Ave.

Gaithersburg, MD 20879


Jennifer Lowe

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