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Ghassan Atiyeh, MD, Alexandria and Fairfax


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Children's Medical Associates has two locations, one in Fairfax and one in Alexandria. Over the past 8 years we've been there (a lot) and seen all of the physician's. all our very good, but Dr. Atiyeh is absolutely fabulous.

We had the good fortune of taking our oldest daughter to CMA the day she was released from the hospital. She had a host of minor issues, as she was 7 weeks early. The first order of business, the hospital said, was take her to a pediatrician, who would probably then re-admit her to the hospital. Crazy.

Since Isabella was early, we had not picked a pediatrician yet. We went to CMA because it was close to Inova Alexandria Hospital, it was a Saturday, and they were open. We were assigned to Dr. Atiyeh, and he was so unbelievably spectacular that I was, and still am, forever grateful. My wife and I were worried sick, and despite his youthful appearance, he was a seasoned veteran. He calmed us, talked to us, allayed our fears, and nursed our baby girl back to health. We are fortunate enough to still have him as both of our daughters primary care physicians, as apparently he is in high demand.

All of the doctors at CMA are very good, their hours are convenient, and they are very responsive (Sundays! After hours!). If you can get Dr. Atiyeh, you won't be disappointed. I trust him with the two most precious things in the world - my children.

Bryan Reymann

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