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Anna's Coffee Roastery in Columbia

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The local coffee shop scene gets a new roast and a new take on international bulgogi now that Anna's Coffe Roastery has opened in Columbia.

Anna's follows a line of local coffee shops that roasts its own coffee and sells a line of breakfast and lunch options until the end of the work day. They're getting nice comments online about the coffee, but I went right for the flashy stuff: bulgogi tacos.

This seems like a staple trend in places like Los Angeles, but the bulgogi taco is a nice lunch option here in Howard County. It's the cousin of the bulgogi panini at Riverside Coffee -- and a similar use of Korean barbecue to head onto an international scene.

Anna's sells two bulgogi versions -- a "sweet' version with beef and a "spicy" version with pork. They're thin-sliced meat, charred nicely and served on a corn tortilla with rice, letture and sour cream. In the end, neither is very sweet or spicy. The main flavors are the meat and their sauces, which were rich and offset nicely by the lettuce crunch.

Like Riverside's panini, Anna's tacos are aimed at a general audience. It's a nice mix of Mexican and Korean favors, enticing to anyone who likes a little barbecue. My friend and I split two of the $8 taco plates, and I went spicy when he let me decide which of the final two tacos to finish. If anything, I could have taken more spicy too. A little kimchi, even on the side or as an optional topping? Or some pickled Mexican vegetables to add just a little zip?

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