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One of my anxieties about traveling has always been figuring out how best to care for my cats while I'm gone. For many years, I've exchanged free pet-sitting with another local cat lover here on Capitol Hill, but when that has not worked out, I've always turned to Angie and Mary at Capital Critter Sitters to watch over my kitties (well, just one now). They are utterly reliable, affordable, and have been especially sensitive to special needs. When my late cat, Natchez, suffered a spinal stroke, needed multiple meds, and developed often messy continence issues, Angie gave her the gentlest of care so that I could get some respite from her needs. Her brother, Tujague, adores Angie and meows loudly when she shows up and gives so many displays of affection I almost get jealous.

But beyond my own experience, I almost daily see how they expertly wrangle multiple dogs, some of whom I have not always experienced as the friendliest in other hands. It speaks well to the high esteem that they are held by folks in the neighborhood. Of course, I'm a bit prejudiced, since they're Bob's next-door neighbors. Nevertheless, I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone needing pet care here on Capitol Hill, especially folks in the Lincoln Park area.

Phone: 202-548-0112 | info@capitalcrittersitters.com

David Lott

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