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  1. James Beard Foundation Humanitarian of the Year. Who's going to argue with this?
  2. My point was solely to Don's expression of confusion over the days on which Tom's reviews appear, and how they are all headed as "Reviews," without a consistent use of "First Bite." This is a legitimate, but wholly separate concern that affects all his review articles, not just this particular endeavor.
  3. Tom's First Bite columns appear online on Fridays, and in print in the Food section on Wednesdays. His Magazine reviews appear online on Wednesdays (usually) and in print on Sundays. All the "First Bite" pieces are cited as "Reviews" in the header, but as "First Bites" on Tom's own page. Perhaps therein is the confusion; they would do well to make sure that "First Bite" appears somewhere on the actual review page.
  4. Regretfully, I never went to Mia's, and this from Popville suggests that I may not want to try out Loaf Coffee, either.
  5. Well, a horrible location for any restaurant that isn't orienting itself explicitly to its immediate neighborhood. Maybe Aaron Silverman would like to venture a little farther into the Hill and open "Little Pineapple"?
  6. I bought the InstantPot Mini (3 qt.) a few months ago, which seems just the right size for one or two people, or for doing side dishes. Cutting recipes in half to make them work isn't too tricky. I've cooked the Trader Joe's Cabernet pot roast in a couple of times now. Once I had to cut it in two to make it fit, but the one I made last night was just the right size, though I should have cooked it for 5-10 minutes less to account for the smaller size. I just bought a glass lid for it (which has been out of stock pretty often), so now I want to see how it does as a slow cooker. Pretty pleased so
  7. Bob and I stopped by yesterday (Friday) evening for happy hour. We were the only customers in the place at just past 5:30. No one else showed up until about six, when one couple showed up for dinner, and before we left, one other man came for happy hour, waiting for a friend. Five people total on one of the busiest dining nights of the week (though Barracks Row was less busy than usual, it seemed). The cocktail special was a French 75 ($7), and we also ordered the (great) poppyseed gougeres, which didn't arrive until we were nearly finished with our drinks--about 25 minutes. The bartender wasn
  8. I was shocked at the number of MKs in NYC on our recent visit; they seemed to be everywhere in Midtown East. I don't remember seeing any when we were there six months prior. I had a small, ready-made sandwich which was just OK, nothing special.
  9. That's what I mean by a place "more worthy" of the spot---and that will mean having an owner and operator who really understands the neighborhood and the way that the DC and Capitol Hill scene has changed since the place's earlier incarnations.
  10. I see that the building housing the Lincoln Park Kitchen and Wine Bar is once again up for sale. It appears it is still open, but I don't know what this means for its future. Hopefully, a restaurant more worthy of the space.
  11. Closing December 16, 2017. I haven't been here in probably at least a decade. Even at its best, the food was mostly mediocre, and after one too many salt bomb entrees and crappy margaritas, I gave it up. Sure, it was iconic on Barracks Row for being one of the few places that had a bit of style, well before the recent renewal, but that wore out long, long ago. Still, this is a prime location, and it will be interesting to see who takes it over; here's hoping its not a chain or another Xavier Cervera joint. Maybe a new outpost for Bindaas? Capitol Hill could use a really good Indian restau
  12. Good news: the Capitol Hill store now has a small supply of the smaller carts. Bad news: the shelf price tagging remains a work in progress, to be polite.
  13. Don and B.A.R., I think those are both helpful and creative suggestions, particularly about how to handle bullets. But there is already a huge black market for both guns and bullets, and how we then deal with that, after making that explode in size is a serious consideration. I am surprised that there isn't more discussion about targeting the actual gun and ammo manufacturers and importers. Those are who the NRA is serving and protecting anymore--not so much gun owners--and simply banning certain weapons isn't going anywhere. Making it harder and harder for them to do business and make profits
  14. I will be surprised if he's not in the running for the Nobel Peace Prize next year. He is changing the whole paradigm of disaster food relief.
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