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Poop Rescues, Pet Cleanup, Northern Virginia (HC)


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Crunching Autumn's leaves

without encountering poo

rocks my world and shoes.


(Okay, okay, 100 words? Outsourcing this part of dog ownership became a necessity when it became all to obvious that no one in the family was going to live up to their shoveling obligations. Poop Rescues will reliably show up on scheduled days. They've been great about checking my elevated deck to make sure the dog who is too dainty and special to use the muddy yard hasn't made it into a poop deck again. We haven't found any missed doggy piles, but they offer a rescoop guarantee if you are not happy with the "coverage" on a visit. I also have confirmation that Poop Rescues indeed donates 10% of your bill to the pet group of your choice. I received a nice note from our designated dog rescue group yesterday after they received a check from Poop Rescues identifying us as the people who designated them.)


Polly Goldman

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