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Joseph Oh, DDS, Dentist, Ballston

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I've been going to Dr. Oh for a bit over 4 years now, after not visiting a dentist in over 2.5 once I moved here due to some poor experiences with dentists other than my family's dentist back in NJ. Finally biting the bullet out of fear that my teeth would fall into disarray, I was extremely pleased with both the overall team (from the receptionists to Dr. Oh himself). At no point did I ever feel that I was getting "sold" to have work done...actually the opposite, remarking that my current fillings were put in by a pretty skilled dentist as they were still fitting perfectly. I have sent 3 of my colleagues from work to them and all have been thrilled. Now that I live in Cleveland Park, I still drive out to Arlington for my checkups and dental work.

The small office is on the ground floor of a condo building that buts up against the Harris Teeter in Ballston which makes it easily walkable from both the Ballston and VA Square Metro stations.

Dr. Oh DDS

4141 North Henderson Rd. Suite 16

Arlington, VA 22203


Dave Hofman

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