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Dogtown Maryland, Kennel, Brandywine - Craig and Cindy Jolly Are Also Dog Trainers

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Dogtown Maryland is a great kennel and training operation in Brandywine, MD. The owners, Craig and Cindy Jolly, are a former Air Force K9 trainer and current groomer, respectively. They are conscientious about the dogs they'll take (no aggressive dogs, nor dogs with extreme separation anxiety), and will do a "test run" with the dogs to see how they handle being kenneled there. They and their staff give each dog individualized attention, including two playtimes per day. Dog-friendly dogs are allowed to play together in their large play area, while non-dog-friendly dogs get separate play time. Each dog (or dogs, if multiples from the same family) gets its own "house" with a bed, a yard, and a webcam, if so desired. All for the entirely reasonable price of $30/day per dog.

Matthew and I have been kenneling our Akitas (now Akita, singular) here since at least 2003. They are always happy, well-fed, and have had plenty of attention during their stay (Aki even gets to hang out in the office sometimes). At each pickup, Craig gives us a complete report on how the dogs were, including if they weren't eating or if they had/developed any symptoms to watch out for. Dogtown doesn't accept new Akitas and certain other breeds, so find out whether they take your breed. We're grateful they've continued taking Aki -- even though they're quite a haul from our house, the care they provide is unmatched.

Website here (warning: mute your speakers first)

Address: 14200 Brandywine Road, Brandywine, MD 20613

Phone: 301-372-8381

Stefanie Davis

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