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Kiev, Ukraine


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I just spent a few days here for business, and while I had mostly unmemorable meals at restaurants with names I forget, I will mention one famous restaurant that was worthwhile. O'Panas, a huge restaurant, clearly popular with tourists and local Kievites, is at one end of the botanical gardens. My dining companion and I shared a number of plates--a Ukrainan pickle plate, vareniki with cracklings, blini with red caviar, farmer sausages, and red and green borscht--and most everything was well-prepared and flavorful (with the lone exception being the farmer sausages, which were a bit underwhelming). The bread was good--I love the concept of serving brown bread with pork fat--and the service was friendly and efficient.

I'm sure that there are more 'authentic', more 'home-style' Ukrainian restaurants to be found in Kiev, but this is a nice entree into Ukrainian food, in a good location, and worth a visit.

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