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  1. Graze in Mount Pleasant is in an unassuming strip mall adjacent to Whole Foods. We were walk-ins to a fairly full restaurant, but were able to sit at a high-top without any wait. The food was good, though we were stunned at the size of the portions. The starters (Korean chicken wings, parmesan pommes frites, and pierogis) were all very good, but beyond ample (the frites were served in a large tureen; the wings were huge and came 8 to a serving). My wife and I split the catfish for dinner, and loved it--it was definitely an entree that two could split, and the butterbean succotash that the catfish was served with was one of the best vegetable sides that I've had in years. My son did the lobster Mac & cheese--technically another appetizer, but another huge portion (the majority of which he took home and ate the next day for dinner). Service was smooth, with no apparent sign of short staffing. The cocktails that we ordered were unfortunately a bit underwhelming and not well made, but this was a minor quibble for what was overall a really enjoyable evening.
  2. We had to make a trip south for family reasons, and ended up in Charleston for two nights. The weather was beautiful, and we ended up having breakfast, lunch and dinner outside most of the time that we were there. This was a nice alternative to take out and eating in our hotel room. Lunch at Butcher & Bee was really great; my grain bowl was nutritious, fresh, and very flavorful, topped with chicken shawarma. The beer list was limited but sufficient, and the cocktail list was well put-together. Dinner was late, so we picked up burgers from Big Gun, very close to our hotel. They were very slow to prepare them, but they were really delicious. This dive bar has lots of character, and characters, and we would happily go back there again. Breakfast from Hot Little Biscuit in the Market was really top-notch, delicious biscuits, extremely worthwhile, and very filling. So filling, we skipped any serious lunch and just snacked a bit. Dinner that evening was at Baker & Brewer. The no see-ums were out in force, which was annoying. But the pizza was great, and the beer was good enough. My pistachio pesto pizza was very good, beautifully charred and with a very fresh cheese, this was almost middle-eastern in character. My son's cheese pizza was even more charred--good for me, as that keeps him away from the crust, which I cleaned up for him. Finally, we grabbed biscuits and hand pies from Handy & Hot. The Szechuan hand pie was over-the-top good, but not so over-the-top that I didn't also end up polishing off a ham biscuit. My goodness. And the Ipsento Latte was a keeper--quite a bit out of my lane, with honey and cayenne--and just writing about it now makes me want to have another.
  3. We've now had takeout twice from Chaia in Georgetown, and have been generally pleased. The tacos, which may have declined a bit in quality in the past, were very flavorful and even held up well on the 25-minute drive from the restaurant to our house. The black beans with crema were delicious, and just the right portion size for each of us to have a nice serving. My wife enjoyed the cauliflower soup, and what I tried was nice. The only weak link for us was the cheese quesadilla, which came off as bland. The other takeout meal included enchiladas, which were delicious and extremely filling. The caneta cookie is not cheap, but large and easily shareable for two, in my view. The ability to modify (e.g., vegan cheese, no cheese) for the tacos makes this a nice option for a variety of diets.
  4. We've also tried it a few times over the last few weeks, and have been really happy. The Bing are great, filling and flavorful. The bao for us are a bit more mixed; we like the juicy pork and the veggie, but found the fancy beef to be somewhat unbalanced, with too much onion (and perhaps white pepper) in the mix. The shredded potato salad is awesome, and the seaweed salad is solid.
  5. We were blown away by takeout from Happy Gyro on Saturday evening. The gyro was great, according to my wife, and my celery root reuben (v 3.0) was outsize and interesting. I understood the reuben-(esque?) overtones, I think, with (perhaps?) braised, corned celery root stepping in as the 'meat'. The sides were similarly fabulous, the corn/orzo/carrot/halloumi salad delicious, as was the gigante beans/spinach dish. Pizza next time, I expect, but we had to start with gyros and that reuben, and are very happy that we did.
  6. We picked up sushi from Taro last night and it was fantastic. The process was smooth, with curbside pickup operating with extreme efficiency. And the sushi was phenomenal. From the 'roll' portion of our order, the plum-shiso was a highlight, as was the shrimp tempura. All of the nigiri that we tried were perfect cuts--not too big--and the rice was exceedingly high quality. But the surprising element of our meal was the takeout drinks--we ordered beers and sakes, and the prices were very, very low, with very little to no markup. From the sake menu, the Tamagawa Time Machine was a very nice, cold sake to enjoy sitting out on our patio. Yes, Sushi Taro is somewhat higher priced than other sushi spots, but based on our takeout last night, wholly worth it.
  7. Wonderful takeout last night from the Rockville location. To my surprise, the highlight of the meal was the vegetarian delight with rice; served in a carryout container it looked, honestly, bland. But it was really, really delicious. The potstickers were as good as always, the turnip pastry as well, and the beef wraps fell apart a bit on the ride home but were flavorful and fun to eat. We have so many good options for interesting food, and this remains one of the best.
  8. We picked up from A&J Rockville on Saturday night, and it was as great as always. The potstickers were a favorite, as always, as were the noodles with ham in the sesame sauce. The sliced pork in bean sauce made a great breakfast the next morning on a tortilla, with some sauteed sweet peppers. Great food that transports well.
  9. We ordered Easter dinner from them, and it was solid and comforting. The leg of lamb was very nicely seasoned and perfectly roasted, the lemon potatoes delicious, and the spanakopita and tiropita really good. The horiatiki salad was also great--two huge triangles of feta on top for dissolving into the salad. We finished with the Galaktoboureko--a nicely modest and filling end to a truly homestyle dinner. We'd happily do this again.
  10. The burgers made it home with no problem, and were still a bit warm so we didn't worry about reheating them (and once we sat them on our plates, they were gone very fast...) We've had the duck at the restaurant, and would have ordered it as well but it was sold out for the day. The Rugbrød was three nice slices of dense rye bread, served with a brown miso spread and a butter (maybe flavored?). I thought that we would have them at breakfast the next day, perhaps underneath some poached eggs, but the rugbrod didn't survive the night. 😏 My wife loves this bread, and for us any order from Reverie will automatically include this if it is available. For me, you could make an amazing meal out of the duck, rugbrod, and the Caesar salad.
  11. We picked up a few burgers (really good) and an order of rugbrod. It was an easy transaction and worked out great for us. We'll be back for more.
  12. We did a 'staff's pick' board of charcuterie and were pleased, combining it with a nice bowl of olives, and bleu cheese, a semihard cheese, and a soft cheese. The crispy chicken wings were perfectly cooked and good quality, but I agree that they were under seasoned. It wasn't clear what the plan was with the boar ribs--not really smoked, with a lightly sweet, very lightly flavored sauce. More boldness would have been great for both. Service was good.
  13. I like barbecue, but for me the best BBQ I've ever had was an order of the lamb ribs at Jack Stack in Kansas City. They were definitely bbq lamb ribs, and not grilled, but at the same time not as bbq'ed as some of the other cuts. (I went back again and thought I should try the crown rib. It was good, but I should have ordered more lamb ribs...)
  14. Perhaps an off-night, but I was underwhelmed by dinner at San, for which I had high hopes. There were a few nice dishes, but nothing really spectacular. A 5-course tasting menu, with a two-course add-on, made for a long night. Perhaps the problem lies in the concept--all courses, save the bread course, were designed to be served only in bowls, and to only be consumed with a spoon. Even writing that seems somewhat goofy. The service, on the other hand, was practically flawless, a great combination of professionalism and friendliness. It made me want to like dinner more than I ultimately did. Our server also made some very nice recommendations for wines, which helped to make what could have been a much more disappointing night not quite so.
  15. A second visit to Toshiro confirmed to me how interesting it is. Again, a 7-course tasting menu with some of the same ingredients as I had in November--duck was again a prominent player, as were scallops, Jerusalem artichokes, and carrots--but new preparations and a wealth of interesting flavors and combinations. Starting the evening off with a bergamot/champagne aperitif was bold and for some at my table a bit too much, but we quickly slid into the amuse bouche--4 of those, I think--before jumping into the full menu. As before, the wine pairings were challenging and transformed by the dishes that they were served with. I hope to come back again sometime later this year; out of all of the places in Brussels that I've been fortunate to dine at, I think that this has now been established as my absolute favorite.
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