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Sitting on Columbia Pike across from Pedro and Vinny's cart/the new Giant is a little convenience store that, from what I hear, is the number one selling lottery ticket store in Virginia or some esteemed honor like that. But that is not what interests me. What people may not know is that when the Giant was closed, James, the owner, decided to try a new venture. He added rows and rows of amazingly unique beer selections. At first it was a build your own six pack thing. That is still there, but he has since added 6 or 7 beer fridges stocked with a unique selection. The prices are routinely cheaper then the Giant across the street, which I am convinced sneaks over there to see what he is selling and then it shows up on their shelves soon after. Perhaps he is competing with the Lost Dog up the street. I don't know. And I don't care. Zip in, pick up your random selection and your mega millions and zip out. Don't let our neighborhood appearances scare you, this is a hidden gem.

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