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Olio2go, New Italian Olive Oil Store in Merrifield, Seeks Staff and Manager


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Olio2go is opening a store in Merrifield (Fairfax, VA) and is now hiring for store staff, including a store manager. Please contact Luanne at luanne@olio2go.com with resume and cover letter.

Olio2go sells Italian olive oil and related Italian products. In business since 2000, the company has sold exclusively through online channels until now, but we are opening a bricks-and-mortar store this summer, and we need to add staff for retail operations.

You must be able to speak Italian, and you must have a strong interest in Italian food, especially fine olive oil. Customer service skills and a friendly attitude are essential. Salary is negotiable, Hours are flexible. Part-time and full-time are possible.

This is not a fusti franchise, but a serious independent company with a strong commitment to high quality products. See www.olio2go.com for more information about the company. We expect to be fully open August 1.

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Minor correction to Luanne's post above. ;) Since 2000, the company has sold mostly through online channels because, while the retail store will be exciting and new, they've always been open to interested people calling and coming by their office/warehouse for a tasting and "tour." I did this after reading about them in the Post. Luanne took great care of us and we still have one of a few bottles (evoo and balsamic) we took home with us. Excellent product. Super people. Glad to hear a store will be opening. Much luck, olio2go!

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