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Food Nomad

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hi there,

just wanted to drop a quick note introducing myself and my blog to these forums. first things first, it's called Food Nomad and can be found here: www.foodnomad.net

i started the blog about five years ago but only started really posting about five months ago. It's just a simple blog from my point of view about places where I've eaten. it's not classically about food since I don't consider myself an expert but i do consider myself as someone who's eaten at a lot of places. i lived in the dc/nova area about 10 years ago and recently moved back about a year ago. before then, i lived in nyc for six years which i think spoiled me just a little bit when it comes to food. the blog focuses mainly on dc area restaurants but i do back to nyc quite a bit so that will be sprinkled in too (plus anywhere else i may go).

anyway, please stop by and check it out again at www.foodnomad.net or on twitter at @foodnomad.

if you want to contact me, please send an e-mail to info@foodnomad.net

thanks a bunch!

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oh and i forgot about posting my latest posts. but, rather than flooding the site with them, here's two of my latest favorites:

H &pizza - new pizza place on H street. cool space. great pie. i quote top gun and reference notting hill. don't judge

DC-3 - went there over the span of a week. ate more hot dogs than i probably should. still waiting for a cream cheese & hot dog hot dog to hit DC.

thanks again.

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