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Dining Out for Life ~ Thursday April 25


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Dining Out for Life is a great event supporting one of my favorite charities. Starting out as a means to help people with AIDS have a healthy diet, Food & Friends now supports 1,157,158 meals a year!

Food & Friends helps out folk with cancer, HIV/AIDS and others with life threatening conditions get teh food they need for a more healthy life. They take into account so many different factors: Diseases like Diabetes & Celeiac, conditions like pregnancy, conditions of life such as homelessness {can't give someone homeless a food pack needing a can opener they likely may not have} etc. It really is an amazing operation.

And DOFL is their major fundraiser. So to support this great operation, plan on dining out at one of the restaurants listed.

But more than that, plan on dining our either very early or very late. THIS is not a night to demand a 7:00 reservation that virtually assures the restaurant gets only 1 turn out of the table. And eat your dinner, pay your bill, fill out a donation slip for a contribution on top of that, and get your ass out of there so another butt can sit down and help! DOFL is the worst night of the year for leisurely dining, kibbutzing etc. EAT> PAY> DONATE>L:EAVE

Thanks in advance!

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