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A friend of mine from California is working a gig up in Philadelphia this month & is craving an evening at a wine bar. Any recs? They're staying downtown in the heart of it all. Thanks.

Yeah yeah, a year and a half old post--but I'd like to plug Beneluxx in Olde City and Chick's Cafe in Bella Vista for good wine bars. Beneluxx has light fare, a little more substantial than Tria, and is owned by the same people as Eulogy a great Belgian beer bar a few blocks away. It's in a basement, has a chill vibe, and is almost never busy. It also has a nice selection of chocolates (on that note never, ever go to Max Brenner's). Chick's is another fun, lesser known place with a very esoteric wine list.

There's also Jet Wine Bar on South street (west of broad) but I haven't been able to check it out yet and have my reservations/doubts..

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