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I was contacted by another member asking me about Aruba dining options which reminded me I never wrote and impressions from our trip:

As far as restaurants go, Aruba is generally much better than most of the Caribbean. The only other island we've been to with better food was St Martin (on the French side.) The prices could be a bit eye-boggling if you were from the Mid-west, but we found to be comparable to much of the DC dining scene.

2 Fools and a Bull: I wish wish WISH we had known about this place before we arrived. It is by all accounts an astonishing meal, but you need to contact them sometimes weeks or more in advance to get a reservation. We were on the waitlist for 8 days during our stay and never managed to get in.... Same is true to a lesser degree of Carte Blanche.

Perhaps the best meal we had all week was at Marandi, and it was also the most romantic island dining setting we had as well. Highly recommend. We also had good meals at Gostoso and Yemanja, and a passably good meal at Madame Janette (although we personally found it to be more hype than substance and a bit overpriced.)

On the rustic, off the beaten path side of things:

Old Cunucu House is out in the middle of nowhere on a dirt road in a neighborhood and probably the most authentic "native" Aruban food we found (although we never made it to Gasparito)

Zeerover in Sabaneta is a great hangout spot with some very solid fried seafood. Lots of fun and on wharfs hanging over the water with cheap (for Aruba) drinks

Costa Riba: Go there. Go there. Go there. On the very far edge of the island almost to Baby Beach. Just go and let the owner make whatever she wants to for you.

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