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notti bianche needs an assistant manager


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notti bianche is a charming, fun, upscale restaurant in foggy bottom. we are seeking a similarly fun, intelligent, and charismatic manager. experience is preferred but passion is essential. if you enjoy good food, good wine, but good company most of all; we want to meet with you.

finding good managers is akin to trying to catch lightning in a bottle, but that doesn't stop me from trying. this would be an excellent opportunity for a current server or bartender to make the jump into management, or even for someone looking for career change. this is not a zero responsibility paper tiger position. there will be significant operational responsibilities. salary is flexible relative to experience; health & dental insurance, vacation, and gym membership are among the benefits.

send me an email or a pm. please attach your resume but, most importantly, tell me about yourself.

even better, tell me a story.

p.s. if you refer someone for the manager job, the referal bonus is dinner for two (four courses with wine pairing) if your candidate is offered and accepts the position.

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