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Rogue 24 Restaurant Week, 5-Course and 24-Course Menu Options

RJ Cooper

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Leave it to James Beard Foundation Award-winning Chef RJ Cooper to shake up the dog days of August with a whole new take on prix-fixe dining deals. Ladies and gentlemen: Restaurant Week has gone rogue.

From August 26 through August 31, Rogue 24 will offer a special 4-course menu* with signature dishes for $55 per person.

*Please note the portions are larger than the normal servings of the Progression and Journey menus

RWGR Menu - $55 pp 

First Course (Choose One)

"¢ albacore/puffed rice/coconut/coriander
"¢ lamb tartare/bibb/cucumber/yogurt
"¢ artichoke/parmesan/lemon/olive oil/flowers
"¢ tomatoes/lettuce emulsion/whey gelee/arugula

Second Course (Choose One)

"¢ farm egg/duck dumpling/garlic threads/onion broth
"¢ sepia/whipped peanut potatoes/garlic/chives
"¢ dry scallops/pinenut dashi/shore herbs
"¢ mushroom/woodland textures

Third Course (Choose One)

"¢ swordfish/orange/olive/ink/sea bean/scale mortar
"¢ lamb collar/cucumber/sesame/eggplant/pursalne
"¢ smoked pasta/morels/aged gouda/truffle
"¢ sweetbreads/corn/silk/chanterelles/vanilla
"¢ wagyu beef/wild rice/caramelized béchamel/onions/wild spinach**

Fourth Course (Choose One)

"¢ cucumber/tapioca/pineapple/coconut
"¢ blueberry/vanilla/pistachio
"¢ strawberry/chocolate/balsamic
"¢ goat curd/potato/steelhead roe/hazelnut/dill

** $25 supplemental charge

Note: The wine and beverage pairing program, Progression menu and Journey menu are available throughout the week at regular prices.

Peace!! and Good Eats!!

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Restaurant Week Gone Rogue!!!

Please join us for our semi annual Restaurant Week Gone Rogue!

We will be featuring two menus The Jaunt and the Journey.

Reservations can be made online at rogue24.com,http://www.opentable.com/rogue-24 or call 202.408.9724

Please limit dietary restrictions to allergies only, the culinary team will have vegetarian menus.

A credit card must be provided to make reservations and our cancelation policy will be in affect.

Tuesday January 14th through Sunday January 19th

The Jaunt: 
5 courses $64.14 tax and service charges not included

The Journey:
24 courses $114.14 tax and service charges not included

Beverage pairings will be available for an additional fee.

4x4 for 44:
Join Chef-Tender Bryan Tetorakis for 4 sips and 4 bites for $44.00 at our 4 stool beverage station. Sample mixes from classics to modern interpretations with 4 paired bites from the culinary team. Seating is limited and reservations are encouraged. Reservation can be made only by calling R24 at 202.408.9724.

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It is really shocking that we can't get but a few to walk down the alley and experience some of the most exciting food and beverage in the city. Dara Jimenez has indeed taken the service to new levels.

Bryan has some of the best cocktails in the area. journey menu for 125 bucks. $5.21 per course.......hmmmm math this is old math simple division not this new math that the twins are learning.  The jaunt menu 70 bucks per person 12 courses. That $5.83 per course....

The SpiritsBar is 44 bucks for 4 drinks and 4 bites. That is just over 5 bucks for a hand crafted cocktail and a tasting plate.

So here is the fall menu. If  you all make a reservation though the website or call. And mention your a member of the Rockwell gang. We or I will institute the 10% industry discount on the menus.

1.     smoked preserved tomato ice/pickled green tomato/jalapeno/sea urchin

2.     kelp laver

3.     beer yeast meringue/crème fraiche/ossetra caviar

4.     celeriac/apple skin/meadow sorrel/coriander bouillon

5.     whipped pigs tail/dehydrated cabbage/mustard seeds

6.     marrow mousse/pickled turnip/celery leaves

7.     rolled oat cracker/venison/wild blueberry preserves

8.     scallop/dashi/finger lime

9.     raw goat/spiced pumpkin/indian lime

10.   yogurt/black sesame/shisho/preserved plum

11.   smoked cucumber/baby lettuces/charred sepia bouillon

12.   wild brook trout roe/forbidden rice/turnip

13.   basil snail/potato/garlic

14.   foie gras/black walnut/quince/spicy herbs

15.   squab/persimmon/beet/pistachio/spice bush

16.   bouillon of pastured animals/smoked beef fat/lobster legs

17.   beluga lentils/vealtendon/mascarpone

18.   abalone/path valley beans/mashua/black vinegar

19.   charred coulotte/many onions

20.   goat's cheese/tiny radish/pumpernickel

21.  coconut/yuzu/basil/lime

22.  caramel/fig/porcini/honey

23.  chocolate/cinnamon/malt/coffee

24.   happy endings

Hope to see you all soon

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