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Phyllis Richman and Chef Roberto Donna Take Turin:

Todd Kliman

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I thought folks on here might be interested to know about a piece that just went live a few hours ago on the 'tonian website --

Phyllis Richman and Chef Roberto Donna Take Turin: An Olympic Journal

It's been a tremendous thrill for me these last couple of weeks to work with Phyllis. Like many of you, I grew up reading her column every Sunday, savoring her words about the dishes she'd write about long before I could afford to go and try them for myself. In some cases, and it was odd and wonderful to learn this, reading her writing was even better than eating the dishes.

To be able to edit her now? -- (and I use that word lightly, edit.) I can't think of anything more personally and professionally satisfying.

One more thing about her appearance on the web -- and, come April, in the magazine. Many may not know it, but Phyllis did a lot of writing for the Washingtonian in the mid-'70s before going on to the Post and becoming Phyllis Richman.

I, for one, am happy to welcome her back.

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