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MAN Vintners

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I got to taste through the lineup of Man Vintners wines (www.manvintners.co.za - site seems to be down now, though) and they were perfectly decent for the money.

They all have Stel-Vin closures, too, always a nice touch.

The lineup was:

Sauvignon Blanc - Very decent, clean and correct with proper varietal characteristics.

Chenin Blanc - oddly enough, it SMELLED like Sauvignon Blanc! Dry and tasty, an above average white wine for the money. No, it won't make you forget Vouvray, Savennieres or Montlouis, but it is much better than just plonk.

Chardonnay - a little too woody for me. Not overly so, but just for my taste. Very ordinary, nothing really wrong with it, but just very average. For the same money, I MUCH prefer the Louisvale "Unwooded" Chardonnay from our fellow poster, Mr. Parrot.

Pinotage - Not bad. It definitely tastes like Pinotage in its rustic form, and it smells fine. I think it's a good example of the varietal for the money.

Shiraz - Not a world-beater, but decent enough. Clean, fairly decent fruit.

Cabernet Sauvignon - Okay. I have to think that there are few Caberent Sauvignons at this price that are significantly better.

These should all retail around $8-9/bottle.

I was prepared to find them all flavorless and mediocre, since many wines in that price range are extremely generic and dull, but I was pleasantly surprised. You could do a WHOLE lot worse, I assure you.

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