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notti bianche needs a bartender and a server


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are you tired of managers that yell at you? tired of serving food that is mediocre? tired of being just another body filling just another slot? come work at a different kind of restaurant.

notti bianche is a well regarded restaurant (3 stars from washington post, tom seitsema’s fall dining guide, washingtonian’s 100 best list) and we are still in our first year. we are a small restaurant in the west end with good staff from the servers to managers and the kitchen. we serve very good food and have an ambitious wine program too. we need a smart, funny, interesting, and talented bartender to work the prime shifts. you need to have a solid understanding of cuisine and wine, and a passion for excellence. people who are straight out of acme bartending school need not apply (sorry). you do not necessarily have to have years of experience but you must come from the “old school” of bartending. if you think that prepackaged ingredients make good drinks then you probably aren’t the kind of bartender we seek. we want someone around whom the bar business will be built.

we also need a server to round out the team. same rules apply.

send me your resume, tell me about yourself.

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