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Coravin - "Enjoy the wine you desire without pulling the cork"

Joe Riley

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This is a most interesting new gadget: http://www.coravin.com/

I was pleased to see that our friend, Andy Myers, over at CityZen is using one for their wine service:

No one can deny Andy Myers' love for wine and the fact that he is one of DC's most talented sommeliers, so, it stands to reason that, under his watchful eye, CityZen can lay claim to one of the most exciting wine lists in town, and only the latest in technology when it comes to his trade. Nightly, Andy uses a process called "Coravin," that allows wine to be poured without pulling the cork. "It's as if the bottle has never been opened, and allows our guest to have more options for pairing," said Andy.

We're selling them here at Ace.  They aren't inexpensive, but they are definitely more than a simple wine-opener, since they have the nitrous cartridges to replace the wine out of the bottle. (we have replacement cartridges, too.)

All I can say is, once you experience this for yourself, it's hard not to think of how much you can save over time in wine that might otherwise go to waste by not being consumed before it turns.  It allows you to try a glass from a precious bottle you've been saving, and decide if and when you want to open it later, too, which is a pretty slick feature of this product and its reason for being.


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