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Shopping & Cooking With Subtitles

Anna Blume

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FYI. Synopsis below is lifted from the City Paper


In this 1964 film, veteran Japanese director Mikio Naruse tells a story of conflict between old and new while embracing elements of the rising Japanese new wave's cinematic style. War widow Reiko (Naruse regular Hideko Takamine) manages her late husband's family's grocery store, which is losing customers to a new phenomenon, the supermarket. When her in-laws revamp the business and exclude Reiko, she decides to return to her own family. On the trip home--called "one of the greatest train journeys in the history of cinema" by Japanese film expert Michael Jeck--Reiko's story reaches a stunning coda; in conjunction with "Japanese Master Mikio Naruse." (MJ)

National Gallery of Art—Sun., 4/23

Showtime is 4:30. Here's the link to the museum.

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