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So I grew up in Pgh and have been traveling back to visit my entire adult life, but I only recently discovered the pleasure that is the wine selection at the "premier" PA stores. Who would have thought that a state with such nonsensical and difficult liquor laws would actually have a lot of great wines, and particularly good values.

But now I have a dilemma. I brought back a case and a half of wine at the beginning of February, mostly single bottles from the Chairman's selections and many of them are delicious, especially considering the price. The problem? I don't think I can get them anywhere around here.

Wondering if anyone else travels there and buys wine occasionally? I thought if there were a few people it would be nice to have a thread so we could share what we've most recently acquired and enjoyed so in the future I will know what to purchase multiple bottles of. And has anyone else had luck finding the wines around here when you've liked them? To be fair, I've only checked Total Wines so far because it's easy to check on line, but I doubt anywhere local will have them on hand at least.

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If you're willing to buy by the case (or mixed case) the NJ stores literally have next day delivery to D. C. and VA via Fed Ex Ground which, frequently, is free with promotions.

For Maryland:   State Line in Elkton, I believe, is still the highest volume wine/liquor/beer store in Maryland and one of the ten highest volume in America.  It has been listed a number of times as both Philadelphia's best (Philadelphia Magazine) and Wilmington's best.  Owners are incredibly passionate and knowledgeable.  http://www.statelineliquors.com/ 

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