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Four All Clad LTD pots/pans For Sale


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I'm asking $150 for the set, which is less than the price of one, generally. Admittedly, as you can see in the pics, the outsides of these pots and pans are looking rough, but the functional parts are in great shape. As you can also see, the insides aren't non-stick. The LTD line used a matte finish which is not dishwasher safe. "Screw that" says I, and we used them and washed them as we damn well chose.

I can never remember the actual size of these pots, but you can get an idea from the pictures. The straight-sided saute pan and the large pot are 10.5" across. I think the small pot holds 2qt. They're perfectly functional, but they're not the prettiest collection (although I could argue they weren't the prettiest when they were new, either).

If anyone's interested, post here or PM me and I'll collect any and all responses and pick a "winner" on Sunday, April 13. You can pick them up from me in Vienna or I can ship them to you if you pay the shipping costs.






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