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[This was in my e-mail box for anyone who likes to play with dirt and go on road trips for a good cause :unsure: ]








WOODETOCK—The Volunteer Farm has issued “a call for volunteers to start

harvesting.” Approximately 1,000 volunteers from the two previous years are

being asked to return to the non-profit farm to harvest the crops to help

feed the hungry in 25 counties and 9 cities of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

“We know that we will probably not get as many people as we will need to

harvest the many tons of food that is quickly maturing,” a farm spokesman

said. “So we need to recruit many new volunteers “

He said, “Faming is frustrating, so it is of little surprise that we have

been experiencing plenty of frustrations in this year’s attempt to feed our

hungry neighbors. First, early spring was too wet for planting. Then, when

we were able to plant the 15 acres planned for this year, the Volunteer Farm

was hit by drought. As we were about to harvest the peas, the rains came

and washed out the crop.

“However, the whims of Mother Nature appear to have changed. With the

recent rains came good growth, but also some extra insects. So we are now

faced with a bumper crop, if we can get it out of the fields before the bugs

eat it all. We have a tremendous quantity of bush beans, tomatoes and

potatoes. We NOW need your help to harvest.

“We need individuals, families and groups of all sizes. We are working six

days a week (resting on Sundays) from roughly 8 am until noon. Check our

website to see the days you are needed: www.VolunteerFarm.Org, and e-mail

us when you are coming to help.

The website also has directions to the farm and the liability waiver to be

signed by parents not accompanying youngsters under 18 years of age. Please

bring a friend, but come as soon as possible.”


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