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Real Food, by Nina Plank


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Nina Planck is going to be at Politics and Prose signing her new book, Real Food: What to EAt and Why

Nina is a farm girl, "a noted food writer and expert on farmers’ markets. Planck rethinks the current advice that says to avoid the fat and cholesterol of beef and butter—“real foods” we’ve been eating for centuries. Instead, Planck blames more recently developed “industrial foods” for the growing epidemic of “industrial diseases,” such as diabetes, obesity, and heart trouble."

She created the 14 London Farmers Markets, the Mount Pleasant Farmers Market, ran the Greenmarkets in New York, and the new Real Food Markets in Manhattan..

She is a good speaker. Controversial and interesting.

Wednesday, the 19th 7 pm

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i just realized yesterday that nina planck's mother is at the wheatland farms stand at the dupont farmers market. i had a short conversation with her in the early spring about the nutritional value of nettles. anyway, they have the best selection of heirloom tomatoes this time of year, and i load up on them. sunnyside organic farm, next to the blue ridge cheese man, catches up in the late summer and they sell their tomatoes at a good price when you buy a basket's worth.

i just started the book and am not too far into it, but i guess i expected less and am getting more. this one is another eye-opener. at home, i cook mostly vegetables and rely on restaurants for fish and meat, but i'm already starting to rethink things just from what i have read about the value of meat broths. what nina planck has to say about the benefits of whole milk and cheese sounds convincing to me, and i wonder what our family doctor would have to say about information like this. i'll have to ask him sometime. this book travels on the practical side of "omnivore's dilemma." it's turning out to be a great summer for food books.

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