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ps 7's needs an agm


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New restaurant – slated to open late August – seeks an assistant manager. This fine dining restaurant will be located downtown, and will have a busy bar scene as well as a stylish dining room, patio, and private dining area. Experience is preferred but passion is essential.

The management team will consist of two assistants and the general manager. Responsibilities will be determined by the relative strengths and weakness of the individual selected for this position. We are looking for poise, charm, knowledge of fine dining service, ability to run a room, quick thinking, and passion for the business. This is not a zero responsibility paper tiger position. There will be significant operational responsibilities.

Salary is flexible relative to experience. As an organization, we place high value on the quality of life of the staff. We expect everyone on the team to work like hell in the run-up to opening but expect that schedules will level off to a 50-55hour week.

Send me an email. Please attach your resume but, most importantly, tell me about yourself.

Even better, tell me a story.

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