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Freshly milled whole wheat flour in the area?


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Does anyone have a source for freshly milled whole wheat flour somewhere in the DMV? I've read that whole grain flours expire much faster than refined flours. I'm also interested in trying something besides King Arthur.

I've heard Daisy Flour is a good option - they're based in PA and rely on organic grains and older methods. Anyone know if they sell their flour in the district? Any other options?


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If you come to the Dupont Circle farmers' market on Sunday mornings, look for Next Step Produce in the upper level of the market. Heinz Thomet grows and sells wheat berries, oats, barley and rice. And last year he got a grain mill so that he can make and sell flour. It's not cheap, but if you want really fresh and local, he's the go-to.

The other option is to mill your own grain. KitchenAid sells a grain mill attachment for their mixer, and Vitamix sells a dry jar for their blender that I have used to mill flour from whole grains. And there are hand powered grain mills, as well.

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