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North St. Mary's County Farmers Market

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This market is located in the parking lot of the Charlotte Hall library on Rt. 5 in St. Mary's county. It is open Monday-Saturday all day during peak season, with fewer days per week in April/November, and closed in winter. As far as I can tell, all of the vendors are local Amish farmers. Parking in the library lot can be a hassle on busy Saturdays.

The market offers "classic" produce - not a place to find exotic or heirloom items, and I've never seen anything advertised as organic. Spring and summer crops show up here a week or two earlier than at the markets I've been to closer to DC. In addition to produce, there are vendors that offer baked goods, including shoo-fly pie (and other pies), cookies, breads, rolls, and whoopie pies. There is a selection of jams, jellies, and preserved items also. There is very little in the way of meat or dairy, although I've seen one or two vendors with a small quantity of churned butter available.

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