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en route to the Poconos, and in Lake Harmony area


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Hi all -

We're heading to the Poconos soon (Lake Harmony/Big Boulder), and will be driving from NoVa.

Any recommendations for lunch near somewhere on the drive between NoVa and the Lake Harmony area? Don't have a set route yet, though looks like we might go via US-15 and I-81.

Also, any recommendations for decent food (I don't expect much) in Lake Harmony / Big Boulder or the surrounding areas?  We've never been there, I'm told to expect greasy food and not a lot of options.  Some healthier/lighter options would be appreciated by a large part of the group, though others in the group will like recs for tasty but less healthy places.  Some vegetarians in our group as well.

I have found recommendations elsewhere (TripAdvisor) for these places:

  • Piggy's (not for our lighter option) for breakfast or lunch
  • Sunset Green bar and restaurant, at Split Rock resort, for good salads and fish and such
  • Boulder View Tavern, which has some salads and lighter options

Edit:  we need relatively casual dining options, as there are small children in the group as well.  Though I'm guessing most places in the Poconos are fairly casual / child-appropriate.  But we're not looking to go to a candlelit fine dining restaurant.

(Also, how do I remove a tag?  I tagged this with "Delaware Water Gap" because I was told that was on the way and we should stop there, but then I looked and it's further away than Lake Harmony.)

Thank you!

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