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Jesse Amaral, Jr. and Robert Singleton of Rancho Feeding Corporation Charged with Selling Cancerous Cattle


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Source: Grub Street New York

Ribeye sans cancer eye, please.

A federal grand jury has charged Jesse Amaral Jr. and Robert Singleton, owners of the now-defunct Rancho Feeding Corp., plus two employees, with conspiracy and fraud after they pushed diseased cattle past USDA inspectors and then sold them. The indictment alleges employees were instructed to cut the heads off diseased cows while the inspectors were out to lunch, then sneak others through the slaughterhouse by putting healthy heads on the bodies of ones that had telltale "cancer eye," not to mention slice away those otherwise problematic "USDA Condemned" stamps. The California-based company shut down ...

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True justice would have these two bums in stocks on the courthouse lawn, with their crime described on a large sign, and a box of charged up cattle prods available to anyone who happened to be walking by.

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