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Scharffen Berger Drinking Chocolate


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The topic description pretty much says it all, but has anyone seen Scharffen Berger Drinking Chocolate in any area grocery store? I've called and checked in person at several Whole Foods, Dean&Deluca in Gtown, and Balducci's on NM ave. No luck. I could order it online but if anyone's seen it please lemme know.

I had it at Tartine Bakery in SF this summer. Every day I was there. Now i need it on the regular or I get the shakes.


PS. we could get a topic going about the best drinking chocolates if you all would like to...

I do like Jaques Torres (both Wicked and Traditional), and Shokinag is not bad either (especially the German Chocolate Cake one).

Both Allegro (from the coffee maker of the same name, found at Whole Foods) and Choxie (from Target) are a waste of precious chocolate-drinking opportunities.

And when in Manhattan, on a cold winter day nothing beats an exotic truffle and teeny cup of hot chocolate from Vosges. But that is a whole other box of chocolates. (Sorry, couldn't help myself. :) )


(eta Also, has anyone had a drinking chocolate make by any of the local chocolatiers?

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